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Claiming Disability Benefits for Dysgraphia


The written word has for a long time been used as a form of communication between the human species. Thus when a person’s writing skills are hindered in any manner, the difficulties this situation presents are quite obvious.

One such condition which poses great danger to one’s writing ability is Dysgraphia. More specifically, Dysgraphia can be defined as a condition where one finds it difficult to express his or her thoughts through written communication. It is important to understand that the advent of Dysgraphia is not a result of a lack of intellectual ability. In fact, the existence of Dysgraphia is not at all related to one’s ability to write nor does it directly reflect one’s social or academic skills.

While generally surfacing in childhood, Dysgraphia usually continues on into adulthood. The most common symptoms include illegible handwriting, inability to form words or follow patterns, as well as discomfort and pain while trying to write. Dysgraphia can be in the form of dyslexic dysgraphia which relates to the inability to successfully produce spontaneously written work. Meanwhile, it may also take on the form of motor Dysgraphia which – due to a lack of dexterity – primarily affects the ability to write legible words.

Living with Dysgraphia can often be very stressful and can affect your daily life more than one would want. More so in the case of children, who can find it very frustrating to keep up with their peers.

Thankfully, over the years a through understanding of the condition has developed such that today there are various therapies available which aim to help victims cope with their condition and in turn improve their abilities.

Treatment though may take some time and therefore living with this condition may pose considerable challenges. Hence, it is very important that you receive the support you deserve to make sure that you are able to live a normal life and are able to express your true potential. This is why the Canadian Government offers disability benefits; to ensure that you receive an adequate amount of support to ease your life with your condition.

Unfortunately claiming benefits would require you to prepare a convincing case which in turn would have you performing a lot of research and going through a large amount of forms. As such illnesses are also difficult to define, we at the National Benefit Authority (NBA) are here to provide you with a solution.

We have a vast amount of experience in handling various issues pertaining to disability benefits. Thus you can be rest assured that when you come to us, you will be in the best of hands. We will comprehensively assess your condition and its severity and ensure that your life is made easier. So book your free consultation with us and let our experts guide you through all the nitty-gritty.

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