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The Importance of Disability Benefits for Those Suffering from Learning Disabilities


The strength of our abilities to perform basic tasks such as talking, reading, and writing is defined by how well we are able to learn those tasks. After all, the more a person learns something, the better he or she normally becomes at it. Hence, there is no denying that the speed and effectiveness at which we learn is in itself an ability. For most of us, the learning ability is quite strong such that the learning ability helps us make sense of the world around us. However, for some people, their learning ability is not as effective and as a result their learning ability leaves them at a disadvantage.

The umbrella term learning disability is used to define the various learning disabilities that children and adults suffer from. These are a result of a weakened brain ability to receive and process certain information. We must take note that there are not indicative of intellect or intelligence but are rather an impediment in allowing the victims to express their true potential. For this reason the Canadian government – and the Canadian Revenue Agency in particular -recognizes these disabilities and the disadvantages associated with them and  thus it encourages sufferers to claim disability benefits.

Before we get into these benefits, let us first understand what constitutes as a learning disability. There are a wide variety of learning disabilities which can affects a person’s various skills such as writing, reading, math or even speaking and listening. Hence, learning disabilities can be subdivided into differing disorders. Auditory processing disorder is one such example. It relates to the difficulty in processing auditory information which could mean an inability to multitask or comprehend more than one task at a time. What remains common to all learning disabilities though is the fact that these weaknesses can make living a normal life very difficult, and at times, even impossible.

That said, thankfully there are a number of treatments available ranging from therapeutic exercises to special equipment and special schools. However all these treatments will require you to devote considerable time and effort, while they make also be quite taxing financially. Thus the case for disability benefits is quite self-explanatory. These benefits are your right and nothing should stop you from receiving them.

So what must you do to make an effective claim? Firstly you must understand the particular condition and how it can be helped. Then you must understand the procedure of preparing an application and hoping you have everything in order. Doing all of this though may be too cumbersome for you.

This is why we at the National Benefit Authority (NBA) would like to be your guide so that we can ease the whole process for you. The counsel we give will be the best possible guidance you can receive. So  stop procrastinating and book your free consultation today!

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