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Sometimes we take for granted our ability to perform basic physical tasks such as opening a jar or lifting our grocery shopping. These tasks involve the use of our muscles; in particular our muscular tone. The muscular tone ensures a certain amount of tension in our muscles which in turn allows us to use our muscles at will. However, some people have a decreased muscle tone which is medically known as hypotonia. This is not a condition of muscle weakness rather it is a lack of muscle tone which leads to the muscles being unresponsive and having a floppy appearance.

Hypotonia can either be present at birth or may surface later on in life due to some brain damage to the nervous system or to the muscle itself. Note that Hypotonia is not a condition in itself; rather it is a characteristic of some other underlying condition. It can be brought on by conditions such as Down’s syndrome or Marfan syndrome – the latter affecting the body’s connective tissues and the former being the most common cause of hypotonia. Meningitis or a serious head injury can also lead to Hypotonia. As Hypotonia is mostly prevalent among children affected by a certain ailment, treatment would first target the underlying ailment. Meanwhile, various therapies may be prescribed such as physical and occupational therapies to train the muscles to perform required tasks.

Nonetheless, there is no denying the fact that living with Hypotonia can prove to be very difficult for both the affected individual as well as those close to him or her (such as the parents or siblings). It is for this reason that the Canadian government considers Hypotonia as a disability and it thus offers disability benefits to those suffering from this stressful condition.

As a rule of thumb, always remember that these benefits will go a long way in making your life easier. So how do you get your due share of money from the government? Well, in order to claim your disability benefits you will have to thoroughly understand your condition and the application procedures involved in making a claim.

Alternatively you could contact us at the National Benefit Authority (NBA) to do all the hard work for you. We are experts in what we do, therefore the advice we dish out will allow you to hurdle past any and all bottlenecks. You case will be in the best possible hands when you come to us.

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