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Dealing with Dementia


Dementia is a broad term which is used to define the impact of degrading and dying brain cells on a person’s mental ability, personality and behavior. Dementia has wide ranging symptoms which adversely affect a person’s memory as well as his or her physical skills which aid in the execution of everyday activities. Even though it is most common amongst people aged above 65, dementia can affect a person at any stage in his or her life and therefore it pays to know the symptoms always.

While the causes of dementia are complex in nature, potential causes of dementia include Alzheimer’s disease – whose symptoms affect one’s mental abilities such that the person is slowly rendered unable to perform daily routine tasks. Another cause of dementia is Parkinson’s disease which can affect a person’s overall mental ability to process information thus leading to loss of emotional control and visual hallucinations among other symptoms. That said, it is imperative to remember that the more severe the state of dementia, the greater the compromise on the victim’s independence; which in turn adversely affects those around the victim!

Hence, it is only common sense to say that an early diagnosis of dementia is vital for the person’s survival. Note that there are various tests that are used to diagnose dementia such as physical and mental examinations, laboratory tests and brain scans.

Once diagnosed with dementia, you will need to know that there are unfortunately no permanent cures for the condition although an early diagnosis and the right amount of care and effort can result in the stemming of the condition (as well as easier acceptance for you and your loved ones).

What’s more is that your living standard won’t diminish as a result of your condition because the Canadian government fully understands the support required to help you with your treatment and it thus offers you disability benefits to further supplement your efforts and minimize the financial pressures the illness might impose on you. The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) offers various benefits such as the Disability Tax Credit, the Home Renovation Tax Credit and the Registered Disability Savings Plan.

That said, we at the National Benefits Authority (NBA) also understand the pressures you must be under while coping with your condition and we therefore would like to help you speed up things. Backed by mammoth experience and a thorough understanding of disability benefits, we will ensure you receive the expert guidance you deserve.

Hence, if you – or someone close to you – is suffering from dementia, then book yourself a free consultation with us now so that we can educate you on your due share from the government.

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