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Disability Benefit Claims For Speech Disorders


There is no denying the fact that the most dominant means of communication between humans is through the medium of speech. Our ability to effectively converse in any particular language is defined by our ability to speak. Therefore, a speech impediment in any form can prove to be a huge handicap for the victim who will find his or her normal functioning greatly hampered.

There are a number of speech disorders which all have different ramifications for those who have them. These disorders range from stuttering, lisps, voice disorders, to cases where the victim can not speak at all and is thus referred to as being mute.

Since there are so many speech disorders, the causes of speech disorders also vary from one condition to the next. Hence, while most people diagnosed with speech disorders at birth or during infancy, other people may develop a speech disorder later on in life as a result of environmental factors or certain incidents (such as drug abuse, brain injuries or physical impairments for instance a cleft lip and palate).

Given that speech disorders can have such a negative affect on the victim’s life, the bravery of people who deal with a speech disorder is definitely worthy of commendation. Hence, if you are diagnosed with a speech disorder you should know that all is not gloom as many people before you have combated their condition. You would be happy to hear that there are various treatments and solutions available for many speech disorders. These treatments include things such as surgery, speech therapy, psychotherapy, as well as training designed to teach the victim the use of sign language or another form of communication.

Nevertheless, the fact of the matter remains that a speech disorder is likely to affect people psychologically as well as socially since it certainly has the potential to strain relationships. For this reason – and the other difficulties of living with a speech disorder – the Canadian government offers many disability benefits to people suffering from a speech disorder. These benefits have been created to compensate for any financial loss the condition might inflict.

In order to claim these benefits you would need to understand your condition thoroughly and how it relates to claiming your benefit. You would also need to understand the various technicalities involved in making a successful application for a benefit claim. Yes, this doesn’t seem easy. But fret not because the National Benefit Authority is at your beck and call. We will ensure you get the most expert advice that is pertinent to your case and condition. So why wait? Get your disability benefits today by getting the best possible counsel at the NBA.

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