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Disability Benefit Claims for Victims of Global Developmental Delay


Our abilities to speak, walk, behave, and learn are all transitory such that we as human beings constantly advance and develop throughout our respective lives. Of course, the most rapid pace of this development occurs in the period between birth and adolescence as the average child’s skills and abilities develop on numerous fronts. However, it is imperative to remember that no generalizations can be made about the exact rate of development since every child has his or her own rate of development. Hence, you shall notice that while some children will learn the basic human skills quite earlier on, others may need to be given a little more time to catch up with their peers.

However, when a child’s development takes far longer than the average expected rate of development, then the child may very well be suffering from developmental delays. When these delays are persistent in all of a child’s abilities (including his or her motor skills, speech and language, cognitive skills and social and emotional skills) we then use the term Global Developmental Delays.

Global Developmental Delays is classified as a disability since the victim will find it difficult to live a normal life. Moreover, the victim also becomes dependant on those close to him or her for support in what would otherwise be considered as routine tasks.

Hence, due to the troublesome and cumbersome nature of Global Developmental Delays, the Canadian Government offers substantial disability benefits which are aimed to lighten the load of a victim as well as ease the emotional and financial burdens that the diagnosis of this condition will bright about on his or her family.

So what do you need to do to avail these benefits? Well, of course you will need to carry out considerable research to see which benefits are relevant to your condition, following which you will need to complete the respective formalities. The research required may be a little too tiring a task for you. It is for this reason that we advise you to come to us at the NBA. We at the National Benefit Authority (NBA) feel you’re making enough effort as it is and would like to offer you a helping hand by offering you expert advice that is tailored to your particular case and condition.

With our vast amount of experience, we will lend you the helping hand you need so that getting disability benefits from the government seems like a very easy task. So why wait in getting what you deserve? Book a free consultation with us and come visit us today!

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