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Hyper Mobility Syndrome

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Hypermobility Syndrome is a Disability, so Claim your Disability Benefits Today


Even though the ability to move or stretch one’s joints beyond conventional limits might be inspiring to some people, such a situation can be the result of a serious joint condition which can lead to a variety of joint and bone related ailments. The name of this condition is Hypermobility syndrome and it is characterized by having very flexible joints.

People with this ability are also known as being double jointed or disjointed. Such people are affected by misaligned joints, abnormally shaped bone ends, or/and connective tissue defects. A genetically inherited condition, hypermobility syndrome is characterized by these aspects. The condition is also a feature of another rare and significant condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (that is also denoted by weak connective tissues). The excessive motion of the joints in Hypermobility syndrome sufferers makes these people susceptible to injury, sprains, tissue deterioration, and other conditions such as myalgia (resulting from an over stretching of the muscles) and arthralgia (which refers to the severe joint pain associated with this condition).

Statistics show that women and children are the ones most affected by Hypermobility syndrome. Note that common symptoms which are associated with a worsening of this condition are frequent sprains, osteoarthritis, dislocations (especially of the shoulder) and an increased frequency of joint pain occurrence.

Clearly the unpredictable and painful aspects of Hypermobility syndrome have the potential to make living a normal life quite difficult. Fortunately there are a number of treatments, therapies and lifestyle modifications that can help affected individuals combat their ailment. Among these solutions more specifically are physical therapy to train joint movements, medication to reduce pain and inflammation, and certain lifestyle modifications such as using typing as an alternative to writing or avoiding movements that would be strenuous to the affected joints.

These treatments obviously come at a price which in monetary terms can be quite taxing as affected people might already be dealing with work loss. For this reason the Canadian government has announced disability benefits for people suffering from Hypermobility Syndrome.

These benefits come many forms (such as Disability Tax Credits, Disability Tax Benefits, and Child Disability Benefits) and they will certainly go a long way in making your life easier. What however will not make your life easier is the procedure for claiming these benefits. You would have to go through voluminous amounts of data and form filling to make a claim. This though is where we, the National Benefit Authority (NBA), come into play. We aim to make your job a whole lot easier by offering you expert advice that is relevant to your particular case and condition. Our consultation costs? Nothing! Hence, you have nothing to loose and the world to gain…so book your free consultation with us today!

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