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The strength of all our abilities to develop – be those speaking, reading, writing or even our basic motor functions -, depends on our ability to learn. Some of us have a normal learning ability while others are not as lucky and because of various factors the latter group may be plagued with a learning disability. As a result, this group will have a mental handicap. Of course, the severity of the handicap will vary from one person to another, and thus depending on the severity of a person’s learning disability, he or she will be diagnosed with a particular disorder or condition.  In cases where the learning disability is relatively mild, the diagnosis is usually that of a mild intellectual disability.

Mild Intellectual Disability is primarily diagnosed in children. The diagnosis generally implies that children suffering from Mild Intellectual Disability have a lower IQ than their peers and their learning abilities are lacking by about 2 to 4 years. Given this stark reality, children suffering from Mild Intellectual Disability need to partake in special teaching methods as conventional methods are soon deemed inadequate.

Fortunately through hard work and effort by both the handicapped child and their guardian, the disability can be overcome to a great extent. After all numerous teaching practices have been identified that can improve the child’s understanding and ability to comprehend the world around him or her. That said, it should be remembered at all times that the onset of Mild Intellectual Disability is likely to be taxing both emotionally and financially for a victim’s family.

That is why it is imperative that such a family turn to the disability benefits offered by the Canadian government. These disability benefits have been specially created for people in your situation so that the pressures of the diagnosis can be eased off of you. Always keep in mind that these benefits are your right and can go a long way in making your everyday life more comfortable and simple.

Alas the fact of the matter remains that getting these benefits will require considerable research from your side as you will need to rifle through the various benefits offered by the government and see which one’s you are eligible for.

We though realize that you are already living a very busy life and therefore won’t have the time to do this research. Thus we have created the National Benefit Authority (NBA) in the hopes of helping you get the benefits you need and deserve. We understand what you must be going through and we have a complete idea of the pressures you and your family must be under. Hence we promise to give you the care and help that you need in a manner that is most pleasing to you.

You should have no qualms about coming to us as we are experts in what we do. So stop procrastinating. Stand up today and take what belongs to you. Come to us now!

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