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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? You and Your Child are entitled to a Disability Benefit!


During pregnancy, the fetus is very sensitive to the actions of the mother and therefore it is imperative that a mother be very careful when carrying a child. Although consumption of alcohol is not always known to harm an unborn child, doctors still strenuously advise that no consumption of alcohol take place during pregnancy. This is because the alcohol can cross the placental barrier and have negative ramifications on the unborn child. These ramifications can be various serious and can include things such as stunted fetal growth or weight, brain cell and activity damage, or other severe behavioral, physical and mental problems.

The most often sighted symptoms are stunted growth, deformed facial features (such as a short nose or a very thin upper lip or a decreased eye width), and central nervous system damage in the form of actual brain damage or damage to the child’s learning abilities.

Unfortunately there is no permanent cure for damage already inflicted as a result of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. However all is not lost as there are numerous treatments available ranging from psychoactive drugs, to behavioral interventions and other physiotherapeutic exercises. These methods aside, it is also suggested that the child’s teachers at school be informed of the child’s problems so that they are able to fully understand his or her weaknesses clearly.

Above all though you must remember that all these treatments will require your full attention and you will need to completely understand the severity of the child’s condition for any progress to be made. Note that you can make use of various tests which will further aid in your understanding of your child’s condition. These tests will better allow you to decide what kind of treatment you want your child to undergo and how best can you ensure that he or she is able to live a normal life.

In order to facilitate your efforts, you should try and educate yourself about the various government grants and disability benefits that are offered by the Canadian government. These benefits come in many forms and can range from Disability Tax Benefit to Child Disability Benefit depending on your particular case. It would be very unwise to overlook these benefits as you can only stand to gain. Not only would these disability benefits supplement your financial needs to treat this condition, but they would also act as compensation for any lost working time while caring for your beloved child.

In order to claim these benefits you should thoroughly research your child’s case and understand the procedure of claiming benefits. Alternatively you could contact us at the National Benefit Authority (NBA) and book a free consultation with us so that we can provide you with expert guidance that is tailored to your particular state. Don’t forget you deserve this help and that you and your affected child are entitled to it! Contact our team of specialists who can help ensure a comfortable life for you and your dependent.

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