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Meet The National Benefit Authority Team!

The National Benefit Authority has proudly assisted over 40,000 Canadians in successfully receiving their Disability Tax Credit from the Canada Revenue Agency.

To provide disabled Canadians with the support and guidance they need throughout their Disability Tax Credit application process, we’ve continued to build our team and departments of highly specialized Disability Tax Credit experts. For a quick rundown of who we are and what we do, check out the video below!

Today, we’ve grown into the country’s leading provider of Disability Tax Credit services, thanks to our team’s expertise, and most importantly, their commitment to helping Canadians in need.

If you’re unsure as to whether you should entrust your Disability Tax Credit claim with The NBA  versus doing it alone, this snapshot of our departments will provide insight into how many professionals will work on your behalf when you choose The National Benefit Authority.

Disability Tax Credit Service Departments


Mail Room

An integral component in The National Benefit Authority’s Disability Tax Credit services, the Mail Room staff processes thousands of documents each day that are related to our clients’ Disability Tax Credit applications.

Call Centre

The Call Centre is often the first point of contact for clients inquiring about our Disability Tax Credit services, their Disability Tax Credit eligibility, or questions related to the Disability Tax Credit application process.

Apart from detailing The NBA’s DTC processes, the department educates clients on Canadian Disability Benefits, the Canada Revenue Agency, and anything else our Benefits Specialists can assist with.

Benefits Specialists

Comprised of some of the top Canadian Benefits Specialists in the country, this department significantly expedites the Disability Tax Credit journey, liaising between the client and his or her medical practitioner to ensure all forms are fully and correctly filled out, while simultaneously working towards maximizing their claim.

The Benefits Specialists accelerate the lengthy Disability Tax Credit application process by limiting the unnecessary back and forth appointments between a physician and the patient, and ensuring that any unnecessary delays with the CRA are avoided by analyzing the Disability Tax Credit Certificate to predict optimal results.

Tax Department

The NBA’s Tax Department pours over all tax returns and tax submissions from each client, making tax adjustments to position them for the maximum Disability Tax Credit refund they’re entitled to. The Tax Department also closely monitors the tax adjustments already submitted to ensure that they are being addressed by the CRA accurately and in a timely manner.

Authorization Department

In order for The National Benefit Authority to assist clients with their Disability Tax Credit application and liaise with the Canada Revenue Agency on their behalf, the Authorization Department ensures all necessary documentation is completed, so we can represent our clients throughout the DTC application process.

Clarification Department

If the Canada Revenue Agency requires additional information about a client’s medical condition(s), the Clarification Department liaises between the client and his or her medical practitioner to make sure the proper details are included for a successful Disability Tax Credit claim.

Client Services

The National Benefit Authority takes great pride in their Client Services, offering real disability support and guidance to Canadians in need. This department also works towards maximizing clients’ cases, and provides regular updates on their submitted DTC applications so they’re always in the loop.

Collections Department

The Collections Department assists with bill payments and late refund discrepancies from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Appeals Department

If the CRA declines a DTC application, The National Benefit Authority does not give up! Once the National Benefit Authority determines that a client has not received the full Disability Tax Credit refund we believe he or she should qualify for, this department will  complete a comprehensive appeal process with the Canada Revenue Agency until our clients get the results they deserve.

CRA Liaison

The CRA Liaison Department communicates with the Canada Revenue Agency on a daily basis, receiving regular updates on our clients’ current Disability Tax Credit applications under review.

The National Benefit Authority believes our clients deserve full transparency on the status of their DTC claims, and we do our best to provide that for them.

With 10 departments filled with Canadian Disability Benefit and tax experts, you can rest assured you’re getting the best, specialized DTC services in the country.

Join the 40,000 Canadians who have received their Disability Tax Credit through The NBA and apply online today!