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Akiva Medjuck

Founder & CEO of The National Benefit Authority

Akiva Medjuck understands the hardships families face when a loved one is diagnosed with a long-term disability.

Akiva Medjuck

Akiva Medjuck, Founder of the National Benefit Authority

Both his brother and sister were born deaf, meaning adjustments & sacrifices had to be made by the Medjuck family growing up. They faced all sorts of frustrations – but there was one particular part that Akiva couldn’t wrap his head around.

Looking to help his family in any way possible, he discovered the Canadian government can provide financial assistance to people living with disabilities. He eventually came across the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), a disability benefits program that reduces tax payable which differently-abled Canadians or their caregivers can claim.

Medjuck immersed himself in the highly technical process of recovering the disability credits his siblings were entitled to. But he soon learned this was more than writing down their names, condition, and submitting a form – the Disability Tax Credit application process was complex and confusing. Even a single error could invalidate an entire DTC claim.

Never one to give up easily – especially when his family needed him most – Akiva reached out to every resource at his disposal. He tried accountants, doctors, and even the Canada Revenue Agency, though none of them knew much more about how to apply for disability than he did.

That experience strengthened Akiva’s resolve: no one should have to navigate a minefield of papers & medical records to get the help they need. It was ironic & illogical to him that a program designed to help the differently-abled was so inaccessible.

So, he founded The National Benefit Authority, a service provider of the Disability Tax Credit that assists families who are in a position similar to the one the Medjuck’s found themselves in. The NBA’s team of specialists smoothes the uneven terrain of bureaucracy on behalf of clients.

“Every Canadian should have access to a trusted expert in dealing with their disability claims with the CRA,” says Medjuck, referring to the Disability Tax Credit application process. “We walk them through the process to make sure they get approved, and we ensure they get all of the money they are entitled to. The process is often complicated and lengthy.”

The NBA has since grown into Canada’s largest service provider of the DTC, successfully claiming disability credits for an array of physical & mental disabilities, as well as Disability Tax Credit retroactive claims dating up to 10 years back. The NBA also reviews previously rejected claims, winning 2 out of every 3 appeals.

Today, Akiva & The NBA have successfully assisted over 40,000 Canadians with their Canadian disability benefits.

And while he’s helped too many people to remember, he’s always reminded why he started the National Benefit Authority in the first place thanks to the over 1,200 testimonials written by clients who’ve had their lives turned around by the NBA.

“In one of very many examples, we helped a family receive money they used to cover the cost of a prosthetic limb for their child, when one was desperately needed, as OHIP only covers replacement costs every three years – which is too long time to wait for a healthy growing child. We’ve made a real difference. We’re here to ensure that no one with a disability, or a family member with one, is left out.”

“We’re here to ensure that no one with a disability, or a family member with one, is left out.”

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a disability, but aren’t claiming your Canadian disability benefits from the government?

Work with The NBA today, and we’ll do the necessary due diligence, research, and paperwork to position you best for a successful Disability Tax Credit claim.

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