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Panic Disorder

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Don’t Let Your Panic Disorder Take You Down


Anxiety is a feeling that plagues us all. Of course, it’s only normal to feel anxious about the outcomes of certain events in our lives; from the result of an exam to the verdict of a jury, all of us tend to worry from time to time. Most of us are able to contain these feelings of anxiety such that we are able to prevent anxiety from affecting our health and wellbeing. Alas others might not be as fortunate as their anxiety may take over all facets of life such that the anxiety becomes a perpetual force that constantly downplays and hinders normal functioning. Such a situation is usually the result of an anxiety disorder.

Panic Disorder is one such form from the family of anxiety disorders – characterized typically by the recurrent onset of anxiety/panic attacks. The causes of these attacks are assessed on a case-to-case basis but generally speaking the causes have been linked to the persistence of an inherited disorder. Alternatively, it has been noted that various stimulants can also have a great affect. For instance, alcohol consumption or/and smoking has also been known to cause panic attacks in some individuals.

Regardless of the causes though it is important to note that Panic Disorder is a serious disability that should never be taken lightly as it can lead to further problems such as rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and trembling. Hence, seeking help for Panic Disorder is a must. Although this condition has many worrying symptoms, thankfully it is known to be curable. By making use of therapy and/or anti-anxiety medicines, one can greatly counter and combat his/her condition.

That said, the sad reality remains that dealing with Panic Disorder is likely to be taxing both on the victim and his or her family. Although hearing this may add to your worries, know that this should be no cause of concern since having Panic Disorder could very well entitle you to receive Disability Benefits from the Canadian government.

These benefits are available in numerous forms (such as Disability Tax Credits, Disability Benefit Claims, Canada Disability Savings Grant, etc), therefore you will need to read up on each of the benefits and see which ones you are eligible for. If you feel that conducting this research is too cumbersome a task for you, well then read on.

We at the National Benefit Authority (NBA) understand the pressures you must be under. We also understand how you would like to avoid going through the hassles involved in making your disability benefit claim. Hence, we aim to make your life a whole lot easier by imparting on your vital information pertaining to your case as well as the disability benefits that you can avail. Backed by our success rate and a ton of experience, we are the best at what we do. Therefore, avail what you deserve by allowing us to help you – book your free consultation today and let us help you claim your disability benefits.

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