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Specific Developmental Disorder

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Don’t Loose Out on Your Disability Benefits if You Have Specific Developmental Disorder!


Specific developmental disorder is a term that helps us classify specific learning disabilities and other developmental disorders that affect the brain’s ability to perform certain basic functions. Specific developmental disorders are of various forms and come under the wider umbrella of conditions that include disorders of speech and language (such as lisping and stuttering), learning disabilities (such as reading, writing, spelling or arithmetic disorders) as well as illnesses relating to the motor function ability of an individual.

Specific developmental disorders can certainly compromise one’s ability to make a living and might also inhibit the victim’s potential to truly express himself or herself. Furthermore, Specific developmental disorder might also limit the sufferer’s social activity; in the case of children they can make school life very difficult as a young victim would require extra learning and teaching effort. In more extreme cases, extra monitoring may be required to ensure that the patient does not face any situations that cannot be resolved.

As the condition and the associated treatments are likely to be extremely taxing on the individual (and his or her family), the Canadian government has promised to offer you various disability benefits that act as compensation for any lost work or learning potential.

These monetary benefits come in many forms and it is imperative that you educate yourself about them as they can go a long way in making your life easier, more comfortable and possibly even more productive. Among the disability benefits you could avail are the likes of Disability Benefit Claim, Disability Tax Credit or Disability Tax Benefit.

With the potential gains offered it would be a shame to let these benefits go by without claiming them. Don’t forget that these benefits are your right and that you deserve them more than anything else. In order to claim these benefits you must research specific developmental disorders thoroughly so that you can understand how the benefits will help your specific case. You must also understand the procedures required to making a claim for these benefits as they can be quite arduous and complex and involve a lot of bureaucratic red-tape.

Alternatively you could come to us at the National Benefit Authority (NBA), We have a team of qualified and trained professionals who has a vast amount of experience in dealing with cases like yours. Hence, by coming to us, you will receive the most expert counsel possible, and that too tailored to your condition and case. We want to make sure you get your right which is why we offer you a free consultation!

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