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Epilepsy is a more common condition than people think it is or would like it to be. For those unaware, Epilepsy is a neurological disorder which leads to unprovoked seizures that stem from disruptions of brain activity. Although primarily affecting people who are either in their childhood or are in the age bracket above 60, Epilepsy can however be diagnosed at any stage in a person’s life. There are three main types of epilepsies; symptomatic epilepsy which deals with disruption in brain activity, cryptogenic epilepsy which deals with tracing brain damage to learning difficulties rather than actually brain damage, and lastly idiopathic epilepsy where the cause of epilepsy cannot be found but the symptoms remain constant.

Various causes are attributed to the occurrence of epilepsy ranging from birth defects, strokes, and head injuries to alcohol or drug abuse. That said, remember that there are a number of seizure types depending on the severity of your condition and therefore it is very important that you have your condition properly diagnosed. Only after proper diagnosis can the appropriate measures be incorporated to help avoid recurrence of the seizures.  One should also keep in mind that these conditions are not life long and can be confined to particular stages of childhood. Nonetheless, note that an epileptic attack can lead to severe convulsions and even a loss of consciousness, Thus there is no denying that Epilepsy can certainly make everyday life very challenging.

That said, you would be happy to hear that there are a variety of treatments available, each with its own pros and cons. For instance, anti-epileptic drugs are known to be effective but they may bring about side effects such as poor concentration, mood swings, unsteadiness and nausea. These cons though should not dissuade you from seeking treatment since your condition will be one that requires constant attention so that the occurrence of seizures can be minimized.

To aide you in your efforts, the Canadian Government has earmarked a substantial amount of disability benefits to make sure you don’t have to take too much pressure – financially as well as emotionally. Hence, these disability benefits come in numerous forms such as Disability Tax Benefits, Home Renovation Benefits as well as Child Disability Benefits (if your child suffers from this illness).

To claim and effectively use your benefits, it is very important that you fully understand and research the illness and the way you can claim these benefits so that you can prepare a convincing case for the Canadian Revenue Agency.

As this procedure involves a large amount data gathering, we advise you to come to us at the National Benefit Authority (NBA). We boast a team of specialists who have a vast amount of experience and a high success rate, hence coming to us would mean enlightening yourself with key information. So why wait? Take the first step and book your free consultation today!

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