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Disability Benefits for a Person Suffering from De Vivo Disease


The human body – in particular the human brain – relies heavily on glucose and needs an effective system that transports glucose around the body. For this purpose, a molecule called GLUT1 or Glucose Transporter Type 1 is used to ensure that adequate amounts of glucose are transported around the body. However, sometimes a deficiency of this molecule leads to insufficient amounts of glucose from the blood to the brain which in turn leads to an upsetting of the blood-brain barrier resulting in possible mental retardation and other neurological problems. Such a condition is referred to as De Vivo Disease.

De Vivo Disease brings with it numerous symptoms such as seizures and an impeded growth of the skull leading to abnormally small head sizes. Other symptoms such as lack of muscular control, speech difficulties and problems in coordinating movements are also common. Thus it is safe to say the De Vivo Disease makes it very difficult to live one’s daily life with ease.

Statistics show that this condition generally surfaces in infancy as seizures begin to occur from a very early age. Numerous research studies meanwhile argue that the prime root of this condition lies in a person’s genetics.

In spite of the complexities of this disease, thankfully medical advances have recognized the required treatments. Alas, the fact of the matter remains that the neurological affects of De Vivo Disease generally remain permanent. Thus constant attention is needed by the victim as his or her mental and physical abilities remain severely affected at all times. That said, the treatments that are available aim to tackle the deficiency and malabsorption of the glucose by replacing the glucose in the diet (Fructose is used as a possible substitute).

Unfortunately it is common knowledge that the complex tests and consultations involved in treating De Vivo Disease can be very demanding both financially as well as emotionally. Thus to ensure that you can live your life normally and continue the treatments effectively and comfortably, the Canadian Government offers disability benefits for victims; more so since this disease strongly limits the earning potential of those affected.

If you are suffer from De Vivo Disease and want to claim the benefits that you deserve but don’t know how, then don’t fret because you are not alone. The National Benefit Authority (NBA) will be your guide through the often overwhelming government procedures. Through our specialist knowledge and mammoth experience in dealing with a variety of disability benefit claims, you can be rest assured that we will ensure you get the disability benefit you deserve. Therefore, stop procrastinating. Call us now and claim your right!

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