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Disability Benefit Claims for Osteoarthritis


A variety of joint conditions are prevalent in the world today and they affect millions of people around the globe. Osteoarthritis is one such condition which affects the joints and is characterized by damage to the cartlidge, bone growth around the edge of joints and mild inflammation of the tissues around the joints. Osteoarthritis generally becomes an issue for people over the age of 50, with statistics showing that this condition is more common in women as compared men. Given that Osteoarthritis affects one’s physical ability and that it has the potential to impair one’s normal functioning, Osteoarthritis is rightfully considered a disability such that people suffering from this condition are entitled to receive disability benefits. Before we get into these benefits though, it would be prudent to first gain a basic understanding of the illness in question.

To comprehend the true nature of Osteoarthritis it is best to first go over its symptoms. Osteoarthritis has numerous symptoms such as pain, stiffness and difficulty in moving the affected joints. Note that Osteoarthritis mostly affects the hand joints, knees and hips. While there are many different causal factors of this condition, the list of common causes includes family history, obesity, joint injury or the onset of a disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis). Osteoarthritis is basically characterized by a slow down in the repair process of worn out joints. Treatments for the condition vary with the severity, with common solutions being painkillers, assistive devices, physiotherapy, and surgery to restore cartlidge to the joints.

So all in all, there is no denying that Osteoarthritis can be very painful and it has the potential to obstruct the victim’s ability to live a normal life. As the condition in known to target women and people over the age of 50, the difficulties presented to both these groups are immense. For these reasons the Canadian government has classified Osteoarthritis as a disability and has entitled you to a variety of disability benefits (ranging from Disability Tax Benefits, Disability Benefit Claims or even Child Disability Benefits) if you are diagnosed with Osteoarthritis.

So how would you claim these benefits? Unfortunately the process is not as simple as you would imagine since you would be required to conduct a lot of research on your condition as well as the various disability benefits on offer.

But don’t worry because we are here to lend a helping hand. We at the National Benefit Authority (NBA) would like to give our expertise to you so that you can hurdle past all the red tape. Our specialists have a lot of experience with conditions such as your Osteoarthritis. so all you’ll have to do is book your absolutely free consultation with us and help us help you.

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