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"they are professional and are also as well very professional dealing with all kinds of disability. I am more than satisfy with them for their wonderful jobs thanks you again NBA."

- jean benjamin

"I have Crohns for over 20 yrs,too many surgeries to count,and the last 5 years seizures a lot of limitations with working, Being single this will be A Hugh help, thank you National Benefit"

- Shelley Matheson

"Im a diabetic, i have lost part of my leg, along with more health problems, a friend of mine told me about NBA so i decided to try it, i found the staff very polite and helpful, they explained everything in a way that i could understand, they treated me..."

- brenda keats

"Thank you national benefit for getting me ovrr $7000"

- Krystal Buurman

"I was suffering from several disabilities and I heard about the NBA, so I contacted them to see if they could help me. They stayed with my case for several years, until a decision was finally made in my favour. I thank the NBA for their persistance, because I was..."

- Valerie Rousseau

"Thanks NBA for making this process so easy for me. I found them to be professional and caring. Great job."

- Evelyn Lawson

"I am very pleased that the national benefit authority was able to help me, due to my chronic pain and other issues, I was surprised to know this company existed."

- Luella Collister

"I was very pleased that the National Benefit Authority was able to help me. I am pleased with all their work on my behalf."

- Luella Collister

"The National Benefit was so helpful in their assistance in helping me with the process to get my disability claim."

- Elizabeth Williams

"When I heard about The National Benefits Authority, I said to myself that its too good to be true. And so I brush it off my mind but because of our being financially strapped I gave it a try but I did not count on it that much. I followed..."

- Editha Garcia

"Thank you NBA for all your assistance in receiving my disability benefit! I was off on medical leave for at least 6 months I have been dealing with the pain of arthritis every day! In the last eight months I have had two surgeries one on my shoulder one on..."

- Bonnie Hall

"I;d been trying for years to claim my sons disability and always got rejected time and time again. The costs of me staying home to assist him when he wasn;t having a good day were piling up and my job wasn;t so understanding. In the end I had to start..."

- Sylvia White

"I am very pleased how quickle the national benefit got us our money so quickle .they really are a good company to go with if you are disabled .they reallywork to get what you have comming to .THANKS AGAIN"

- judy m lackie

"I was on long term disability, from an injury I had. I had six surgerys on my knee, what led to depression and anxiety. I can;t walk more then 250 meters without pain. I seen NBA online and decided to sent them a brief description. I was surprised when I..."

- Glenda John

"I find that they are helpful,I would tell my friends about this, thanks NBA"

- Pamela Mitchell

"I would like to thank the people at the National Benefit Authority for the assistance and expertise with my case. The funds arrived at a time that the extra funds were greatly needed. Without their assistance my family would have suffered a great financial hardship. Thank you so much!!!"

- Alison Mica

"Thank you NBA for helping me receive my disability tax credit. I didn;t even know about this credit, until I seen one of your ads on facebook. I was so impressed of the service and all my questions answered, not to mention the short time it took for me to..."

- Darlene Muise

"I did not have any idea about Disability Tax Credit and NBA gave me informations about it upon calling them and helped me avail it. I really thank and would highly recommend their service to more people needing their assistance. Thumbs up…"

- Trecita Ignacio

"I used the services of NBA to obtain the maximum benefit for our 5-yr-old son, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. Within 2 months of submitting the documentation, we received our congratulatory email! Great news."

- K Gagne

"The National benefit authority helped me get money i didn;t know i had coming to me, they were very helpful, thank you"

- Craig Curran

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Real people like you have successfully received up to $40,000 from the Canadian Government.

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‘Many Canadians with Disabilities qualify for substantial sums of money from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of which they are unaware.’

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is our specialty!

This valuable credit is worth $1,000 - $4,000 per year depending on various factors such as age, income and province of residence. The credit is designed to help offset some of the many expenses people with disabilities encounter every day. Our goal is to recover for you all the credits you have not claimed over the last ten years. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will review our submission and will send you your refund once they approve of the application. Qualifying for the DTC is complex and must be prepared to the exact specifications required by CRA or it will be rejected. We have filed tens of thousands of DTC applications for our clients across Canada. We are the largest organization of its kind – no need to look anywhere else. Use the NBA to give yourself the best possible opportunity to receive the maximum amounts you deserve.

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Registered Disabilities Savings Plan (RDSP)

Have you ever found yourself wondering why there isn't a savings plan which allows people to ensure the well being of their loved ones with disabilities? Well it seems you have been in the dark for some time as the RDSP, or the Registered Disability Savings Plan, might well be the solution that you thought could never exist. As per the RDSP, families are given the opportunity to provide for the future financial security of their loved ones with disabilities such that being disabled does not mean that you will not have a guaranteed standard of living for the years ahead. RDSP then is a revolutionary concept which stands to provide monumental benefits to thousands of people.

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Get the Disability Credit you're entitled to.

Living with a disability is hard and can put a large amount of stress on you and your loved ones. At the National Benefit Authority, we strive to make sure we get the most money for your disability. We do all the paper work and talk directly with the Government of Canada to make sure everything is done correctly to ensure you get the most benefits.

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The National Benefit Authority

Helping Canadians Qualify for up to $40,000 from the Canadian Government!

Many Canadians with disabilities qualify for substantial sums of money from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of which they are unaware. At the National Benefit Authority, we specialize in a CRA program called the Disability Tax Credit that allows us to recover up to $40,000 on your behalf. We do all the hard work to make sure you receive every dollar the CRA owes you.

We have successfully processed claims for virtually every kind of physical and mental disability including depression, learning disabilities, addiction, anxiety and other hard-to-define conditions. Already receiving disability benefits? We have helped many Canadians just like you recover thousands more.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for such plans, please contact one of our qualified specialists. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Your disability may entitle you to this money, call us today to get started.

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