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"I am extremely pleased with all the work which the National Benefit Authority put into calculating my disability benefit. As a matter of fact, I was ecstatic to receive such a huge amount of money!! Believe me, the money which I received will definitely help to alleviate the ever-rising costs..."

- Sharon H. Estabrooks


"All my dealings were very helpful and very professional. thanks NBA"

- Garry Oleynick


"N.B.C Iam fortunate that they have helped me out. I live only on a low income since my husband passed away. Thank you so very much."

- carmel malanych


"I am grateful to the National Benefit for helping me out and thank you for all the hard work you had to do. since my husband passed away I have no pension from his work place."

- Carmela Malanych


"The service and dedication to finalizing my claim was exceptional Between their administration and my family doctor's help. All was finalize in the quickest time. I figured that it would take a few months and it only took one month. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone. Thank you..."

- Richard Desmarais


"Thank you to N.B.A. for their Time and Patience. Sincerely Thankful. Staff I dealt with were always Professional and Kind. Very Patient, and Helpful. Thank you again."

- Lin


"My sincere thanks to the staff at National Benefit Authority, specifically those involved with my case. The efforts and patience demonstrated during the process was remarkable. Keep up the good work, I pray you will be able to help many others like myself to resolve their issues what ever they..."

- Calvin


"The National Benefit Authority really assisted in getting me $4000 from some Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia I've been struggling with the last 5 years. While I spoke to (had many NBA people helping me), they were all positive and upbeat. I appreciate their efforts. Great job!"

- Leslie


"you have no idea how much work goes into the nba in helping you get whats rightly yours ,they truely work on your behalf they stay in constant with you all the time they ask if you have any questions they guide you through all steps and your on fixed..."

- josie


"We would like to thank NBA from the bottom of our hearts. You represented us in our claims and supported us throughout. As a result, we are going to have a most enjoyable summer and have some repairs done to our minivan. Anyone contemplating making an application for Disability Benefits..."

- Idris & Sue Rogers


"I would like to thank the NBA for their incredible care and concern for me and my situation. Their dedication and attention to detail resulted in a considerable recovery of tax benefits which I desperately needed. I truly and sincerely hope that if you are considering applying for Disability Tax..."

- Kathryn Happell


"Thanks, NBA, for working hard on my behalf. Your success is certainly my success. Thanks again!"

- Brian





"I have only wonderful things to say about the National Benefit Authority! They were so very helpful! all I had to do was visit my family doctor and fill out a few forms…they did all the rest! and at the end of it all, my family (especially our daughter) got..."

- Pia Johnson


"I would like to thanks the National Benefit Authority for doing an excellent job on getting me the money for my disability."

- James Brooks


"I can’t thank the NBA enough for helping me and my daughter during this emotional time. Being diagnosed with PTSD is an “invisible” disability, but it made it so difficult for me to fill out forms. I couldn’t have acquired this money without the NBA, thanks!!"

- Carrie


"I received a cheque this week and wish to thank all concerned for your excellent work and effort on my behalf.I am more than pleased with the result."

- CB


"we’re so grateful for your excellent work you’ve done for us, thanks a lot !!"

- DK


"I am very pleased with NBA. Thank you for your hard work. I will most definitely recommend your services to family and friends."

- Carlin


"I found you people; were fast efficient very curtsy. You knew your stuff and never did we have to phone to find out when, where, why or how at ant time. Thank you all for everything."

- wendy.tremblay


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‘Many Canadians with Disabilities qualify for substantial sums of money from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of which they are unaware.’

Registered Disabilities Savings Plan (RDSP)

Have you ever found yourself wondering why there isn't a savings plan which allows people to ensure the well being of their loved ones with disabilities? Well it seems you have been in the dark for some time as the RDSP, or the Registered Disability Savings Plan, might well be the solution that you thought could never exist. As per the RDSP, families are given the opportunity to provide for the future financial security of their loved ones with disabilities such that being disabled does not mean that you will not have a guaranteed standard of living for the years ahead. RDSP then is a revolutionary concept which stands to provide monumental benefits to thousands of people.

Click here to find out more and to see how you can qualify.

Get Tax Benefits for your Disability!

If you're already receiving benefits for your disability, we can double check to make sure you're getting the FULL amount that you're entitled to. Having one of our specialists look at your existing account is free and we make sure everything is in order.

From making sure your paper work is complete, to talking with a Canadian Government representative, we handle everything for you to ensure your getting the most for your disability. If you have more than one disability, the National Benefit Authority makes sure you're taken care of.

Get the Disability Credit you're entitled to.

Living with a disability is hard and can put a large amount of stress on you and your loved ones. At the National Benefit Authority, we strive to make sure we get the most money for your disability. We do all the paper work and talk directly with the Government of Canada to make sure everything is done correctly to ensure you get the most benefits.

Click here to fill out the application to see if you quality for a disability tax benefit today.

The National Benefit Authority

Helping Canadians Qualify for up to $40,000 from the Canadian Government!

Many Canadians with disabilities qualify for substantial sums of money from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of which they are unaware. At the National Benefit Authority, we specialize in a CRA program called the Disability Tax Credit that allows us to recover up to $40,000 on your behalf. We do all the hard work to make sure you receive every dollar the CRA owes you.

We have successfully processed claims for virtually every kind of physical and mental disability including depression, learning disabilities, addiction, anxiety and other hard-to-define conditions. Already receiving disability benefits? We have helped many Canadians just like you recover thousands more.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for such plans, please contact one of our qualified specialists. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Your disability may entitle you to this money, call us today to get started.

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