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Disability Benefits for People Suffering From a Sleep Disorder


Somnipathy – or sleep disorder as it is more commonly known – is as nightmarish as it sounds. A person is diagnosed with a sleep disorder when he or she is experiencing interferences in his or her normal sleep cycle. These interferences are no laughing matter as they have the potential to affect a person’s physical, mental as well as emotional wellbeing.

We all know how important sleep is and we all also know how grumpy we might get when we don’t get adequate sleep on a particular night. Think of the level of frustration when we are not able to get adequate sleep for many nights. The term sleep disorder thus does not refer to one particular night; instead the term sleep disorder is used to refer to recurrent interferences that prevent the body from getting rest on a regular basis. Some forms of sleep disorders are insomnia, bruxism (which involves involuntary grinding of ones teeth while sleeping), and Rapid Eye Movement Behavior Disorder (which involves sleep disruption due to violent or dramatic dreams).

Generally speaking, treatments for sleep disorders take the form of behavioral/ psychotherapeutic treatments or sleep medication. That said, you should know that you may alternatively have to undergo hypnosis as part of your treatment. As a rule of thumb note that the longer your sleep disorder persists, the more the damage to your emotional and physical wellbeing. Therefore, if you are exhibiting symptoms of a sleep disorder, do make it a point to seek out professional help. After all, a sleep disorder has the potential to upset your personal, family and work relationships. Moreover, since this condition can be so stressful, it is then no surprise to see it classified as a disability which makes you eligible for disability benefits.

The Canadian government provides these benefits to people in your situation because it recognizes the potential impact sleep disorders can have on your ability to live a normal life. While the level of benefits would depend on the severity of a person’s particular condition, know that disability benefits come in numerous forms; therefore you will need to read up each benefit and see which ones you are eligible for.

Alternatively you could come to us at the National Benefits Authority (NBA). We at the NBA would like to see you get your what you deserve and therefore we are committed to offering you expert advice which will make your job of availing disability benefits seem very easy. Backed by our outstanding success rate, our team of experts will be by your side through and through so that you are able to jump past any and all hurdles. All it takes is a free consultation and from there you can maximize your monetary benefits.

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