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Disability Benefits for Stroke Victims


Being the central command system of our body, our brain’s wellbeing is vital to our existence. After all, any disorder in the brain has the potential to affect our entire body. A stroke is one such condition that threatens the brain’s functioning as it results from the interruption of bloody supply to the brain. Note that the supply of nutrients and oxygen to our brain is vital for it to function normally. If this supply is obstructed (for any reason), our brain cells begin to die which in turn can cause severe brain damage and possibly even lead to death.

Statistics show that strokes mostly affect those above the age of 65, but that is not to say that a person is completely safe from having a stroke if he or she is of a younger age. Researcher point out that the potential causes of a stroke include things such as obesity, poor diet, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption. Meanwhile, other illnesses have also been known to lead to a stroke. The list of these illnesses includes diabetes or hypertension (which can affect the blood pressure leading to a stroke).

Given that strokes are such a serious matter, a stroke must never be taken lightly. Note that strokes can be prevented by living a healthy life and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption. However once a stroke occurs, it should be remembered that the victim may require a long period of rehabilitation which could include physical as well as mental relaxation.

This period may be taxing both financially as well as emotionally on the victim and his or her loved ones. Hence, to make things easier and to better allow a person to live with his or her condition, the Canadian government offers a whole host of disability benefits to those who have had a stroke. If you have suffered from a stroke, you should remember that these benefits are your right and that you deserve them. You must also understand that these disability benefits will go a long way in making sure you are able to live a more comfortable life by easing the financial pressure off of you.

So how would you claim disability benefits? Well first of all you would have to research and understand your condition fully and then of course fill in various application forms and speak to various government officials as to how you can make a successful claim. Sounds like a lot of work when you are in such a difficult position already, doesn’t it? Well fret not because we’re here to the rescue. We at the National Benefit Authority (NBA) understand your situation and hence we let our team of experienced professionals provide you with the key insights that will allow you to hurdle past any and all bottlenecks. You are practically guaranteed the benefits when you come to us for advice. So book a free consultation with us and let us get you the benefits you want.

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