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Claim Disability Benefits for Infantile Spasms


There are a variety of illnesses that affect new born children such that their presence makes it very difficult for the parents to understand their child’s behavior. Infantile spasms or West’s syndrome is one such condition.

An infantile spasm is a brain disorder that is characterized by epileptic spasms occurring in infants generally under the age of one. The condition can also lead to developmental problems and learning disabilities. A variety of causes have been attributed to its occurrence including birth defects and metabolic diseases as well as genetic deformations and abnormalities. Since its onset is seen during infancy, infantile spasms can be a very worrying phenomenon for parents.

A child affected from this condition would fall into rapid, jerk-like spasms whereby he or she would bend forward his or her head, arms and legs – due to this bowing motion, infantile spasms are also known as ‘salaam’ attacks. The baby would also be irritable and would possibly have inhibited development skills as well as learning disabilities. Fortunately the condition is seen to recede as the child grows up, although other forms of epileptic seizures can still occur. While not too much is known about infantile spasms, advancements in medicine have allowed the development of effective anti-epileptic drugs which may be used to counter the condition. Alternatively, surgery can also be resorted to depending on the cause and severity of the condition.

That said, there is no denying that infantile spasms can negatively impact not only the affected child, but also his or her parents who would be required to give the child extra attention as well as spend large amounts of money on therapy and medication. Fortunately there is a silver lining to the whole thing as the Canadian government understands your plight and has allocated Disability Benefits to help you cope with your child’s illness. These benefits can be a very strong pillar in easing the financial pressures off of you and it is thus important for you to understand that they are not only your child’s right but they are also your right.

Admittedly the procedure for making a successful application for these benefits is not very easy and can be very tedious and time consuming.  This is where we at the National Benefit Authority (NBA) come in. We promise to help you make sure you receive what you deserve. We believe firmly in your cause. Therefore, by coming to us you will be practically guaranteeing yourself a big return. So why wait? Book your free consultation today and help your child get better.

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