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Disability Benefits for Microcephaly Victims


Microcephaly is a disorder affecting the growth of the skull. This deficiency in skull growth in turn hinders the ability of the brain to perform its various functions. In other words, the circumference of the head is smaller than average for that person’s age or gender, which in turn results in stunted brain functioning.

Microcephaly can either be seen at birth or may develop later on in the child’s life. It can be caused by a variety of reasons such as environmental impacts, alcohol consumption during pregnancy, diabetes, measles or even chickenpox. Microcephaly can also go on to lead to seizures or other neurological defects such as intellectual retardation and possible motor function disability (a phenomenon which is mostly seen later on in life).

Clearly living with Microcephaly can be very difficult for both the mother as well as the child as the child would need extra attention at home as well as at school. Also, the presence of learning disabilities would mean that the child would need therapy and the assistance of special teachers. Thankfully the Canadian government understands the plight of microcephaly sufferers and their guardians and it thus offers disability benefits through the Canadian Revenue Agency. These benefits come in numerous forms and they are designed to facilitate treatment efforts and ensure that a Microcephaly diagnosis doesn’t lead to a lower standard of living as compared to other people.

Since the victim and his or her guardians are likely to be under immense emotional and financial pressures, these disability benefits will help make life a whole lot easier. Alas, the processes involved in claiming these benefits are not as easy as they should be. You will be required to attain a thorough understanding of not only the mental retardation but also of the various procedures and paperwork that is associated with making a successful claim.

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