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How Much is the DTC Worth?

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How Much is the Disability Tax Credit Amount?

Canadians living with a disability may be eligible for the Canadian Disability Tax Credit, a disability benefit that helps individuals with severe and prolonged mental or physical impairment.

As experts in this field, the questions we get asked all the time are:

‘How do I apply for the Disability Tax Credit?’
‘How much is the disability tax credit amount?’

This isn’t a simple answer, as the value is based on many factors regarding disability tax credit eligibility.

The Disability Tax Credit is broken down by Federal and Provincial amounts. For example, the provincial portion of the Disability Tax Credit in Ontario will vary in value compared to British Columbia. In addition, this amount will fluctuate depending on individual tax situations. The total value of the Disability Tax Credit includes both a federal and provincial portion. The federal amount (each year) is the same for all Canadians, but the provincial Disability Tax Credit amount will change depending to the province you live in.

Here’s what else you need to know about disability benefits.

Is the Disability Tax Credit Retroactive?

You’ll require a doctor to certify when your disability first began seriously affecting your daily life; you need to make an adjustment request for each individual year you wish to make a Disability Tax Credit retroactive claim.

Calculating your Disability Tax Credit Refund Amount

Add the federal amount to your provincial amount to get the maximum amount you may be entitled to. If the person applying for the Disability Tax Credit is under 18 years of age, they are entitled to a supplementary amount that may increase the refund amount they receive. In addition, they may also be eligible for other Canadian disability benefits, like the Child Disability Benefit.

Keep in mind that not everybody can claim the maximum amounts – you may only be eligible for partial amounts due to your Disability Tax Credit eligibility. If you are eligible, but do not have taxable income, then you may transfer it to a family member who does and is financially supporting you.

Having said that, the Disability Tax Credit process is detailed and complex, and even a single error can make nullify an eligible person. By working with The National Benefit Authority, our team of specialized Tax Analysts will maximize your Disability Tax Credit refund at no cost to you unless we’re successful!

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