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Tax Benefits For Your Disability

Get Tax Benefits For Your Disability

The National Benefit Authority works with those that have either a mental or physical disability to assist them in obtaining disability benefits.


Living with a disability, regardless of physical or mental difficulties, can be challenging. From the initial diagnosis – which places stress on you and your loved ones – to facing potentially expensive treatments or lifestyle compromises, a disability heavily impacts a person’s well-being.

The Canadian government recognizes the difficulties a disabled person faces; which is why they’ve created multiple disability benefit programs to support Canadians in need. We specialize in the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) and the Child Disability Benefit.

Claiming disability benefits is a right afforded to Canadian citizens, so there’s nothing preventing a person from obtaining what they deserve, and need. In addition to the aforementioned Canadian Disability Tax Credit benefits, there are various other programs, meaning research should be done ahead of time to determine Disability Tax Credit eligibility. For example, if the person in your house who has a disability is below the age of 18, the individual may receive the Child Disability Benefit, which goes hand-in-hand with the Canada Child Tax Benefit.

The Disability Tax Credit is designed to ease the hardships or complications of living with a disability. These Disability Tax Credits reduce financial burdens that may be associated with the condition, as well as alleviate a concerned family’s worries. This is why it’s imperative for the individual to understand which Canadian disability benefits they’re eligible to claim.

Though the research may seem daunting, it’s a necessary step in any Disability Tax Credit application. To alleviate the stress of sifting through numerous Canadian disability benefits, the National Benefit Authority will do the diligent research for you. We specialize in the Disability Tax Credit and provide our clients with the most relevant and pertinent information to their individual case.

The first step in claiming the right Disability Tax Credit benefits for you is to determine whether you may be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit. If you need assistance in determining your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, contact us today!

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