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Tics are rapid involuntary convulsions of certain muscles which lead to either an undesired movement or a sound (which is known as a vocal tic). The severity of tics can vary however the discomfort caused by the unpredictability of the condition can be extremely stressful for the sufferer. Tics can involve facial tics which would lead to twitching, blinking or grimacing, or tics can be vocal in nature which would mean involuntary coughing or grunting. Tic disorders are a very difficult condition to live with and understandably they are classified as a disability. They are more common in boys than girls and include conditions such as Tourettes syndrome.

The causes of tics can also vary with the type of tic disorder and could include things such as a defective gene, a side effect to medication, or even head injury. As mentioned before, a tic disorder can be a very difficult condition to live with; more so in the case of children as a tic disorder can be extremely embarrassing or socially awkward for a child at school causing stress to both the victim and his or her guardians.

Thankfully, the grave nature of a tic disorder has been recognized by the Canadian government which has thus allocated disability benefits for people who suffer from this awful condition. If you suffer from a tic disorder, always remember that you are entitled to these benefits and that they are your right by virtue of you being a Canadian citizen.

Also know that these benefits can go a long way in aiding your treatment efforts and that they can really give you a monetary edge which counters any financial disadvantage your condition poses. Note that these benefits come in various forms such Disability Tax Benefits, Disability Tax Credits or even eligibility for grants and participation in the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).

Of course the Canadian Revenue Agency – which dispenses these benefits – would require you to submit an application which they would approve. This would entail filling out a bunch of forms and doing a lot of research and hard work. Sounds too daunting a task for you?

Fret not! The National Benefit Authority (NBA) is here to guide you through all the nitty-gritty. We have a team of experienced specialists who have expert knowledge of conditions such as Tic Disorders and thus they can provide you with the best possible advice and counsel. So wait no further! Set up a free consultation us and let us be the hand that guides you to the benefits you deserve.

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