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Disability Benefits for Victims of Down’s Syndrome


A genetic disorder, Down’s syndrome occurs due to the inheritance of an extra chromosome. It is prevalent amongst thousands of people and affects males and females equally. Down’s syndrome severely inhibits one’s ability to learn and mentally develop. In addition, the condition also negatively affects one’s physical appearance. Worse still, Down’s syndrome is generally a lifelong condition; thus living with Down’s syndrome can be very challenging, both for the victims as well as for those around them.

Alas, the group which sees its normal functioning most affected by this illness are children. As a result of the physical and mental disabilities that Down’s syndrome entails, a child’s learning ability is seen to be much slower than his or her peers. Thus a child suffering from Down’s syndrome is likely to lag behind and learn at a much slower pace. Moreover, such a child will require more time and attention from his or her guardians and teachers.

During the earlier part of the 20th century, patients of Down’s syndrome did not live beyond the age 15, however fortunate advances in medical science and treatment since then have meant that people with this condition can live beyond the age of 60 and also learn most of the things that others learn (although at a slower pace).

Nonetheless, treatment for Down’s syndrome can be financially and emotionally taxing on both those suffering from the syndrome as well as those caring for the patient. Therefore, the Canadian Government has earmarked various benefits such as the Child Disability Benefit or the Disability Tax Benefit to ensure that your efforts to ensure a better life are not hampered and that your life is as easy as possible. However the process of claiming these benefits may have you rifling through voluminous data and various complex government procedures which can be quite difficult to understand.

We at the National Benefit Authority (NBA) have noted these issues and are thus offering you the opportunity to make things easier for yourself. By allowing you to come to us, we promise that our specialists will provide you with vital information pertaining to your respective case so that you get the maximum amount of financial assistance from the government. Note that our experts have a  vast amount of experience in the relevant field, thus you are almost guaranteed a return when you come to us! So what are you waiting for? Book your free consultation now and let us play a part in helping you achieve your entitlement.

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