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Disability Benefits in Canada for Tic Disorder


Tic disorder is a condition that refers to rapid involuntary convulsions of certain muscles, leading to undesired movements or sounds. The severity of the convulsions, or ‘tics’, varies; the discomfort by the unpredictability of the condition is universal.

Facial twitching is the most common symptom of tic disorder, along with involuntary blinking, grimacing, and vocal tics (coughing or grunting). Depending on the type of tic disorder a person is suffering from, causes of the ailment include defective genes, a side effect to medications, or head trauma.

How does the Disability Tax Credit work?

Tic disorder can be a very difficult condition to live with, as the involuntary twitches can happen at inconvenient times. To keep the person safe, they may be limited, or stay away altogether, from the sports, hobbies, or activities the person enjoys. Tics in children is similarly challenging, as the disorder can be embarrassing or socially awkward for a child in school.

Considering the inconvenience and unpredictability of tic disorder, disability tax benefits are available in Canada in the forms of the Canadian Disability Tax Credit (DTC) or Child Disability Benefit. These programs are designed to provide a greater tax equity for differently-abled Canadians, providing relief through disability costs that are necessary. Other taxpayers don’t face these extra expenses – the DTC covers these added costs as a financial and emotional cushion for families in need.

How can the NBA help me?

Unclaimed disability tax credits are very common in Canada; the DTC application process requires precise details and accurate paperwork. The tedious T2201 application and other associated disability tax forms tend to dissuade people from claiming their disability tax refund altogether.

The National Benefit Authority was founded to navigate the logistics of the DTC application for people who qualify for disability benefits in Canada. Rather than stressing over your Disability Tax Credit application, our experts will do the tedious research and groundwork for you.

Whether you’re submitting a claim for the first time, or are looking for Disability Tax Credit retroactive funds, we’ve guided thousands of Canadians in successfully recovering their disabled tax credit.

We’ll work on your behalf to claim the disability credits you’re entitled to, providing the support you or your child needs to overcome their diagnosis.

The NBA is Canada’s top service provider for all things related to the DTC. If you need a hand in navigating Canada’s Disability Tax Credit forms, call us today at 1-800-389-0080, or fill out our Quick Assessment Form!

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