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Is Sleep Apnea a Disability?


Sleep apnea is a condition that deprives a person of a good night’s sleep over a period of time.

The ailment involves a breathing disorder that causes a person to skip breaths while they’re sleeping, resulting in low oxygen levels in the body & brain. Without a good night’s rest, it’s difficult for the body to perform at its full potential the next day. Over a stretch of sleepless nights, the emotional drain becomes significant, spiraling in deteriorating physical health.

Breathing issues associated with sleep apnea have been linked to obstruction in the breathing passage, infections, or the result an awkward sleeping posture. Symptoms of sleep apnea, besides the lack of sleep, include loud snoring, restlessness while sleeping, and fatigue or drowsiness during the day.

Sleep apnea can have a significant impact on a person’s heart too. Without the proper treatment or rest, the condition can lead to congestive heart failure. Furthermore, numerous research studies show that sleep apnea increases the risk of other body problems like high blood pressure, strokes, and diabetes.

How does the Disability Tax Credit help?

Sleep apnea can lead to a myriad of mental & physical health problems that hinder a person’s ability to function normally. Without proper rest, a person won’t be able to live up to their potential on a daily basis. Plus, the physical damage, particularly to the heart, can lead to serious health problems that can be fatal.

Because of the potential damage sleep apnea can inflict, sleep apnea disability benefits are available in Canada in the form of the Canadian Disability Tax Credit (DTC). This program was designed to reduce the amount of tax you owe and can result in a tax, facilitating relief for unavoidable sleep apnea costs.

How can the NBA help me?

Unclaimed disability tax credits are very common in Canada. The DTC application process requires precise details and accurate paperwork. The T2201 application and other associated disability tax forms tend to dissuade people from claiming their benefits altogether.

The National Benefit Authority was founded to navigate the DTC application for Canadians in need. Rather than stressing over your Disability Tax Credit eligibility or amount, our experts do the specialized research and groundwork for you. Whether you’re submitting a claim for the first time, re-applying, or are looking for Disability Tax Credit retroactive funds, we’ve guided thousands of Canadians in successfully recovering their disabled tax credit.

We’ll work on your behalf to claim the tax credits you’re entitled to, giving back the time you and your family needs to manage the condition.

The NBA is Canada’s top service provider for all things related to the DTC. If you need a hand in navigating Canada’s Disability Tax Credit forms, call us today at 1-800-389-0080, or fill out our Quick Assessment Form!

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