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Seizure Disorder Disability in Canada


Seizure disorder is the general term used for any condition in which a seizure may be a symptom. While seizure disorder can denote various ailments, it’s most often used in place of epilepsy, a condition characterized by recurrent seizures.

A person is diagnosed when they’ve suffered two or more ‘unprovoked’ seizures. Unprovoked seizures are the result of natural causes, such as genetic factors or metabolic imbalances in the body. Provoked seizures are triggered by a specific, unforeseen event, like a stroke or brain trauma.

While seizures can occur at any age, epilepsy in children is the most common, as well as after 60 years of age. Seizure causes have been linked to a myriad of conditions, such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
  • Heart problems (stroke, heart attack)
  • Head or brain injury, including injuries pre-birth
  • Lupus
  • Meningitis

Research investigating seizure causes suggests genetics as another potential factor. Seizure symptoms are managed through a combination of medicines, surgery, and diet changes.

How does the Disability Tax Credit work?

Seizure disorders can be a difficult condition to manage, as unprovoked seizures can happen at any time. The fear of having a seizure in public may deter a person from socializing, limiting their independence and lifestyle. Seizure disorder can also make holding down a job in certain industries challenging.

The Canadian government recognizes seizure disorder as a disability for these reasons, making disability for epilepsy & seizures readily available to families combatting the condition. The Canadian Disability Tax Credit (DTC) or the Child Disability Tax Credit are programs families can turn to for relief from these unavoidable disability costs. The disability tax refunds are designed to balance tax equity, alleviating the financial and emotional burdens that come with epilepsy, seizures, or other disabilities.

How can the NBA help me?

The National Benefit Authority has helped thousands of Canadians recover their epilepsy disability benefits through the Disability Tax Credit, doing all of the diligent research and paperwork required for a successful claim. Many eligible Canadians who qualify for the DTC don’t submit their claim, as the application process is can be complex and require precision.

We can help determine your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, fill out your Disability Tax Certificate (the T2201 form) and other necessary disability tax forms, and follow up with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf.

Whether you’re submitting a claim for the first time, or you’re looking to retrieve Disability Tax Credit retroactive assets, our team is committed in recovering every dollar of your seizure disorder disability!

If you need a hand in navigating Canada’s Disability Tax Credit forms, call us today at 1-800-389-0080, or fill out our Quick Assessment Form below!

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