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A Personality Disorder Entitles You to Disability Benefits!


Living with – let alone understanding – one’s personality disorder can be an extremely difficult task. Hence before we move any further, it would be pertinent to establish a basic definition of the term in question. As per the American Psychiatric Association, the term Personality Disorder is used to refer to “an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the culture of the individual who exhibits it”. These unwanted traits are generally anti-social and make living a normal life very difficult.

The causal factors of a Personality Disorder may be numerous in number. The list of common causes includes things such as childhood abuse and psychological trauma. Generally speaking, Personality Disorders are known to arise after adolescence (and it is here where they are mostly diagnosed and then later treated). Living with a personality disorder can understandably hinder normal functioning and thus it is imperative that a victim of this condition immediately seek treatment before things get further out of hand.

If statistics are anything to go by one would realize that treatments for Personality Disorders have been fairly successful; advances in psychological medicine have ensured that one can contain and combat his or her condition. That said, there is still no denying the fact that a diagnosis of this condition will greatly increase the financial and emotional burdens on you and your family.

However this shouldn’t be a cause of concern for you since the Canadian Government understands the problems presented by your condition and it has thus promised to offer you various disability benefits. These benefits come in many forms are designed specially for people with a disability; with the aim of ensuring that people with disabilities are able to enjoy a normal standard of living.

Actually availing these benefits though might be a little harder than you would like or expect. Not only will you be required to conduct considerable research on your condition, but you would also need to read up on the various benefits you might be eligible for.

If after reading the last sentence you feel overwhelmed, know that we are here to help you. At the National Benefit Authority (NBA), we are determined to help you get the benefits you deserve and need. With our near perfect success rate and mammoth experience in guiding people in situations like yours’, we can ensure that coming to us will be the best decision you make for yourself.

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