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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Disability in Canada


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an uncomfortable condition in which the person is constantly driven by performing an obsessive or compulsive task, even if the person derives no pleasure from executing said task. Regardless, a person with OCD remains steadfast to his or her compulsive behaviour, out of fear something bad may happen if they don’t complete their task.

For example, a person combatting OCD may be fearful of contamination of catching a disease, so they’ll wash their hands excessively to avoid that outcome.

People with OCD generally have a set thought process: their obsession leads to anxiety, creating compulsion, which leads to performing obsessive behaviour for temporary relief. This never-ending cycle of compulsive tendencies can dominate someone’s life. Over time, this can affect the person’s well-being, their drive to perform other basic tasks of living, and their social relationships.

Treatment for OCD to help control compulsive urges are commonly medications and psychotherapy.

Which OCD Disability Benefits do I qualify for?

To help Canadians offset the unavoidable, added costs for OCD treatments and support, disability benefits such asthe Canadian Disability Tax Credit is available. The government program was designed to aid differently-abled Canadians in maintaining a high standard of living through residual disability assistance.

Having said that, a large number of qualified Canadians don’t apply for the Disability Tax Credit. Some may be unaware they’re entitled to disability benefits, while some may have previously applied but have been declined, not knowing they can and should reapply if their disability is hindering their quality of life.

How can I claim the Disability Tax Credit?

The National Benefit Authority was founded to help our clients succeed on their first application or reapplication. Rather than going back and forth with the Canada Revenue Agency about your Disability Tax Credit application or eligibility, our team does all the work for you. From filling out your T2201 form to finally recovering your OCD disability benefits, we’ll work alongside you the entire way, getting you the money you deserve.

We’re Canada’s largest DTC service provider – as our testimonials can attest, we quickly and securely claim the entire Disability Tax Credit amount you’re eligible to receive!

To determine your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, fill out our Quick Assessment contact form, and a representative will be in touch promptly.

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