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Mild Intellectual Disability

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Mental Health Disability Benefits & Mild Intellectual Disability


Mild intellectual disability is a learning disability, but is relatively mild compared to other mental illness. Primarily diagnosed in children, mild intellectual disability generally implies a child has a lower IQ, and are 2-4 years behind in learning ability. Children with the condition often require special teaching methods, as conventional approaches are quickly deemed insufficient.

Luckily, the learning disability can be overcome with a combination of hard work and determination from both the child and their guardians. Numerous teaching methods have been developed and refined over the years, identified to greatly improve a child’s understanding and ability to comprehend the world around them.

What Disability Benefits in Canada am I eligible for?

Even with a clear solution to mild intellectual disability, the extra work and time in helping the child can be an emotional and financial challenge. Special classes, special equipment, and even extra care may be required depending on the severity of the disability.

To assist families dealing with a child who has mild intellectual disability, disability for mental illness is available in Canada through the Canadian Disability Tax Credit (DTC). The program was designed to provide financial relief through assistance for disability costs, as these are unavoidable, additional expenses other taxpayers don’t pay.

How can I recover my unclaimed Disability Tax Credit?

The National Benefit Authority is the country’s top service provider for the DTC, having guided thousands of Canadians in applying for the Disability Tax Credit. We can help determine your eligibility, complete Form T2201 (the Disability Tax Credit certificate) on your behalf, and submit your claim directly to the Canada Revenue Agency. Disability Tax Credit amounts can reach upwards of $50,000 per application!

Far too many disability tax benefits go unclaimed by Canadians every year. We empathize with your family’s situation in dealing with conditions like mild intellectual disability – allow us to help you recover the disability credits you’re entitled to!

Call us today at 1-800-389-0080, or schedule a free consultation with our specialists if you have any further questions regarding how to claim your disability tax credit, or about other disability benefits in Canada.

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