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Disability Benefits in Canada for Microcephaly


With the explosion of the Zika in 2016, microcephaly quickly found its way into the news as one of the dangerous side effects of the virus.

The ‘small head syndrome’ is a medical condition where the brain develops improperly, resulting in an abnormally small head. The condition can be seen at birth, or more rarely develop later in life.

The causes of Microcephaly are widespread – including environmental impacts, alcohol consumption during pregnancy, diabetes, measles, or even chickenpox. Microcephaly can also lead to seizures or other neurological defects (eg. intellectual disability, motor function disability). Considering the condition takes a toll on brain functions, learning disabilities could be another consequence of microcephaly.

Living with microcephaly is not only difficult for the child, who’ll need extra attention at home and school, but the caregiver as well. The financial strain for treatments, in addition to the emotional strain, can quickly add up and take a toll on a household’s standard of living.

How Can the NBA Help Me?

With the severity of microcephaly, and its harmful effects on a person’s mental capacity, Canadian disability benefits are available through the Canada Revenue Agency to offset extra care costs. The Canadian Disability Tax Credit is one program that facilitates relief for disability costs. But, many differently-abled Canadians who qualify for these disability credits don’t submit a claim to the CRA, as the application process is known to be complex and time-consuming.

So why not have your Canadian Disability Tax Credit claim put together by our experts?

The National Benefit Authority was founded as a one-stop, easy-to-access resource that Canadians can turn to for help in claiming their Disability Tax Credit (DTC) that’s both needed, and deserved.

Our in-house team specializes in the DTC, and understands the ins-and-outs of a successful DTC claim.

Our testimonials can attest that we’re Canada’s top service provider for all things related to the Canadian Disability Tax Credit. We’ve assisted over 40,000 Canadians in successfully claiming disabled tax credits of upwards of $50,000 per application!

Apply for your Disability Tax Credit today by giving us a call at 1-888-389-0080, or book a free consultation with one of our in-house specialists if you have any questions regarding the DTC.

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