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Gender Identity Disorder

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Canadian Disability Benefit Claims for Gender Identity Disorders


Gender identity disorder, or gender dysphoria, presents when an individual is severely discontent or cannot associate with the sex they were born as. This sense of limbo may lead to negative ramifications on one’s social behaviour; they are under constant stress and emotional distress due to confusion and missing a sense of belonging.

Gender identity is classified as a mental disorder, generally presenting in childhood, where the person is transfixed about learning about the other gender. After learning the mannerisms and traits of the other gender, the person’s desire to be like them will become so strong, that they’ll feel compelled to mimic that opposite gender.

The condition may disappear as a child gets older, though gender dysphoria can persist for lengthy periods. Having said that, it arguably affects children the most, as it is very difficult for kids to deal with the condition in conventional social settings. Children with gender identity disorder exhibit feelings of alienation and depression as a result.

How Does the Disability Tax Credit Work?

While the desire to be another gender isn’t an illness in itself, the immense amount of emotional distress caused by the dissatisfaction of one’s gender has led medical practitioners to classify gender identity dysphoria as a disability. As such, to help offset the emotional pain and to preserve a high quality of life, Canada Revenue Agency offers disability benefits like the Canadian Disability Tax Credit and Child Disability Tax Credit.

Despite disability tax refunds readily available for many eligible Canadians, unclaimed disability tax credits are all too common. The DTC application process can be lengthy and cumbersome, pushing people away from even submitting their T2201 form.

How Can the NBA Help?

The National Benefit Authority is Canada’s largest disability tax service provider, having assisted thousands of Canadians in successfully claiming disability credits. Our in-house team of experts can help determine your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, and walk you through your Canadian Disability Tax Credit application.

Helping your child cope with their gender identity disorder is tough, never mind adding the paperwork and research required for the Disability Tax Credit. We can guide you through every step towards recovering the Child Disability Tax Credit, allowing your child to learn and grow healthily and happily alongside their peers.

Apply for your Disability Tax Credit today by giving us a call at 1-888-389-0080, or book a free consultation with one of our in-house specialists if you have any questions regarding the DTC.

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