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Is a Gambling Addiction a Disability?


Gambling is a broad term that could mean buying a lottery ticket, playing a friendly game of poker, or dropping a few bucks into a slot machine.

But if that habit of gambling becomes more ‘exciting’, where a person yearns for the thrill of profit from games of chance, it can become a real addiction.

Gambling problems are serious illnesses, despite people with the addiction refusing to admit they have a problem. But, admitting to oneself that they do have an addiction and need outside help is the first step to recovery.

As a person falls deeper into gambling addiction, they may fall deeper into debt and depression. The more a person gambles, the more emotional and financial strain they put on themselves or their family and friends, creating a vicious, debilitating cycle.

What Options Are Available to me?

Canadian disability benefits are available to people suffering from a gambling addiction through the Canadian government. The Disability Tax Credit is one such program differently-abled Canadians can submit a claim for to alleviate the emotional and financial drain of gambling problems.

Unfortunately, unclaimed Disability Tax Credits are all too common in Canada. ‘Why do I need to put all this research and time into a disability tax refund I’m already eligible for?’ is one of the common queries our clients ask us every day.

The National Benefit Authority helps ease such questions and stresses when we work with clients in recovering the disability benefits they both need, and are entitled to. Disability benefits, like the Canadian Disability Tax Credit or savings plans, are designed to help differently-abled Canadians maintain their standard of living & quality of life.

Rather than juggling complex Disability Tax Credit applications (Form T2201), and going back and forth with your family physician to determine Disability Tax Credit eligibility, the NBA can assist with your DTC application. Our experienced specialists know the ins and outs of the Disability Tax Credit, and will use their expertise to relieve you of the anxiety that can come with the DTC application process.

Whether you or a loved one is suffering from a gambling addiction, we have the resources and experience to recover your Disabled Tax Credit!

The NBA specializes in all Disability Tax Credit-related matters, from your completing your DTC application and determining eligibility, to receiving your disability credits.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a gambling addiction, fill out the form below and apply for your Disability Tax Credit!

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