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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Disability Benefits forFetal Alcohol Syndrome


While alcohol consumption isn’t guaranteed to harm a fetus, doctors nevertheless advise that no consumption of alcohol take place during pregnancy.

Alcohol can potentially cross the placental barrier, with serious consequences on the baby: stunted fetal growth or weight, brain cell and activity damage, or other severe behavioral, physical and mental problems. The most common fetal alcohol syndrome symptoms are stunted growth, deformed facial features (such as a short nose or a very thin upper lip or a decreased eye width), and central nervous system damage, which presents as either brain damage or a learning disability.

Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) are irreversible, with no permanent cure to date. fetal alcohol syndrome treatment comes in the form of psychoactive drugs, behavioral interventions, and other physiotherapeutic exercises.

How Does the Disability Tax Credit Work?

FAS, due to its impact on a child’s development and growth, is classified as a disability by the Canadian government. To help offset the costs of extra care or psychoactive drugs, Canada Revenue Agency provides disability benefits like the Canadian Disability Tax Credit and Child Disability Tax Credit for children with FAS.

Despite FAS disability benefits available for many Canadians, unclaimed disability tax credits are surprisingly common. The DTC application process can be long and complex, pushing people away from even applying.

How Can the NBA Help?

The National Benefit Authority is Canada’s largest disability tax service provider, having assisted thousands of Canadians in successfully claiming disability credits. Our in-house team of experts can help determine your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, and walk you through your Canadian Disability Tax Credit application. Disability Tax Credit amounts vary on a case-by-case basis, but can be upwards of $50,000 per application!

Helping your child with FAS can be a handful in itself, never mind adding the extra paperwork and research required for a successful claim. We can guide you through every step towards recovering your child’s FAS Child Disability Tax Credit, alleviating some of the stress that you or your family may experience.

Apply for your Disability Tax Credit today by giving us a call at 1-888-389-0080.

Or schedule a free consultation with our specialists if you have any further questions regarding how to claim your Disability Tax Credit, or about other disability benefits in Canada.

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