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Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Disability Benefits for Dissociative Identity Disorder


Certain mental conditions can make one’s behavior very unpredictable, so much so that a person might not know what he himself is capable of. Dissociative identity disorder or multiple identity disorder is one such condition.

Dissociative identity disorder is a psychiatric disorder that leads to an individual displaying a number of distinct personalities, each with its own interaction method and its own perception of the environment. It is important to note that while the condition has often been misdiagnosed as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, this condition is greatly unique.

The unpredictability and loss of control over one’s emotions can impair one’s daily life severely – having an impact on one’s ability to maintain personal relationships as well as earn an income. Symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder include severe memory loss, sudden unjustified anger, unexplainable phobias, frequent panic or anxiety attacks, and hallucinations.
While this disease may be given birth to by a whole host of phenomena, medical professionals generally agree that the root cause of Dissociative Identity Disorder lies in the incidence of a traumatic event; in particular incidents of trauma experienced in childhood. Numerous studies point out that in most cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder, the patient has been a victim of some form of abuse during his lifetime which in turn has lead to severe psychological influences impacting his or her ability to control himself or herself.

Fortunately, treatment is available – in the form of psychotherapies and medications – and is known to positively impact the patient such that his or her can condition can be contained and treated.  That said, there is still no denying the fact that the loss of mental ability can make everyday life very difficult.

Understandably, the Canadian government has made a note of the pressures imposed by this condition and therefore it offers various disability benefits to victims of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Hence, if you are diagnosed with this condition, you should know that all is not lost. While treatment can help combat the symptoms of your condition, you can simultaneously avail various disability benefits which will help alleviate at least some of the financial and emotional burdens that are likely to arise as a result of your diagnosis.

In order to get these benefits, you must comprehensively understand your condition and the procedures involved in making a claim. If you find this too daunting a task for you, then avoid a lot of hassle by coming to us at the National Benefit Authority (NBA). With our vast amounts of experience in helping other people in situations like yours, we aim to provide you with the highest quality of information and expertise. So why wait? Book your free consultation with us today and let us help you get what you deserve.

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