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Canadian Disability Benefits for Developmentally Delayed Children


There’s no blueprint in the developmental of a child. For the most part, it’s a natural progression, with some children grasping concepts and thoughts more quickly than others. Many children who lag behind often quickly catch up with their peers both physically and mentally with age.

However, developmental delays can extend for longer spells, which is often associated with an undiagnosed learning disability.

Developmental delays in children can be the result of genetics, or more rarely, a premature pregnancy. The condition can come in a number of forms, though they all affect the person’s ability to communicate and learn appropriate social and emotional norms.

Being attentive to signs of developmental delays will have your child getting support sooner, helping him or her to catch up to peers. Two telling symptoms of developmental delay are speech delays, or a total lack of communication with other people.

Doctors and child psychologists spearhead treatment for developmental delays, creating an appropriate treatment plan depending on your child’s needs. Speech therapy therapy or physiotherapies aimed at the child’s understanding of physical movement, through physical exercises, are two of the most common treatments.

How Does the Disability Tax Credit Work?

Developmental delays in children are considered a disability by the Canadian government. As such, to help offset costs and preserve a high quality of life, Canada Revenue Agency offers disability benefits like the Canadian Disability Tax Credit and Child Disability Tax Credit.

Despite disability tax refunds readily available for many eligible Canadians, unclaimed disability tax credits are surprisingly common. The DTC application process is long and complex, pushing people away from even submitting their T2201 form.

How Can the NBA Help?

The National Benefit Authority is Canada’s largest disability tax service provider, having assisted thousands of Canadians in successfully claiming disability credits. Our in-house team of experts can help determine your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, and walk you through your Canadian Disability Tax Credit application (Form T2201).

Working with your child with a developmental delay is trying enough, never mind adding the paperwork and research required for the Disability Tax Credit. We can guide you through every step towards recovering your child’s developmental delay disability or Child Disability Tax Credit, allowing your child learn and grow alongside their peers.

Apply for your Disability Tax Credit today by giving us a call at 1-888-389-0080, or book a free consultation with one of our in-house specialists if you have any questions regarding the DTC or other disability benefits in Canada.

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