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Is Conduct Disorder Eligible for Disability Benefits?


Conduct Disorder is a psychiatric condition in which a person falls into a pattern of repetitive behavior that belie social norms.

Sometimes referred to as oppositional defiant disorder or defiance disorder, the mental disability may have very serious symptoms, such as:
• Verbal and/or physical aggression
• Unkind or cruel behavior towards pets or other humans
• Tendencies to lie
• Tendencies to indulge in vandalism
• A proclivity to steal

Conduct disorder in children is viewed as extremely serious, as the child may inflict physical and psychological harm to him or herself or to others. And as symptoms worsen, a person with conduct disorder has a higher risk of incarceration, injury, depression, substance abuse, and suicide or homicide.

Conduct disorder treatment is similar to those of other psychiatric conditions –medications, behavioural therapy, or a combination of the two practices. Treatment plans are typically lengthy, so a person with the condition must be committed to their treatment regimen.

What Disability Benefits in Canada are Available to Me?

The Canadian government provides people with conduct disorder, or other physical/mental disabilities, disability benefits designed to offset the financial and emotional burden a disability can put on a family. The Canadian Disability Tax Credit, in particular, was created for families to maintain a standard of living.

However, almost half of the Canadians who qualify for a disability tax refund don’t submit a claim.


Many differently-abled Canadians find the Disability Tax Credit application process to be tedious, cumbersome, and complex; on top of their diagnosis, it’s simply too much work to be bothered with.

And that’s where we come in.

The National Benefit Authority was created as a one-stop, easy-to-access resource people can turn to for help to claim disability tax benefits that are both needed and deserved.

No need to work alone in filling out that Disability Tax Credit application (Form T2201). The NBA will do all the leg work, research, and anything in between to successfully recover your DTC. Our in-house team specializes in the DTC, and follows up directly with the Canadian Revenue Agency, meaning timely and accurate submittals and approvals.

As our testimonials can attest to, we’re Canada’s top service provider for all things related to the Canadian Disability Tax Credit. We’ve assisted over 40,000 Canadians in successfully claiming disabled tax credits of upwards of $50,000 per application!

Apply for your Disability Tax Credit today by giving us a call at 1-888-389-0080, or book a free consultation with one of our in-house specialists if you have any questions regarding the DTC or other disability benefits in Canada.

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