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Is an Eating Disorder like Bulimia Nervosa a Disability?


Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder in which a person recurrently binges on food, followed by compensatory behaviours. The most common behaviours post-binge includes feeling ‘guilty’ for eating, defensive vomiting (also known as purging), fasting, over exercising, and the use of laxatives and enemas.

The binge eating disorder is becoming a more prevalent problem in developed countries such as U.S.A.,Australia,Japan, and Canada. Studies indicate bulimia nervosa have higher rates amongst social groups that idealize a slim physique – think dancers, gymnasts, cheer leaders, and models.

Bulimia Symptoms & Treatment

The symptoms for bulimia nervosa include:
• Irregular Bowel Movements
• Bloating
• Dehydration
• Fainting
• Seizures
• Fatigue
• Dry Skin
• Irregular Heartbeat
• Menstrual irregularities, or loss of menstruation
• Tingling in the hands or feet
• Muscle cramps

A doctor or psychiatrist will look for the following to confirm the diagnosis:
• Obsessing over body image, weight, dieting
• Continual binge eating episodes over a period of time
• Loss of control during a binge
• Purging behaviours following a binge, to compensate for extra consumed calories

Bulimia treatment is widely available today, with the two most common being cognitive behavioural therapy, medications (such as antidepressants),or a combination of the two.

In many cases, people with bulimia can become discouraged, as recovery is typically lengthy, and relapse is common. Bulimia often has a major impact on the day-to-day living activities of the person with the condition, as well as their family.

Due to the financial and emotional drain bulimia puts on a family, the Canadian government offers numerous disability benefits for the binge eating disorder. To preserve a bulimia sufferer’s quality of life, programs like the Canadian Disability Tax Credit are specifically designed to aid Canadians wrestling with disabilities.

The only caveat with disabled tax credits is the tedious and complex application process. Many Canadians simply don’t bother submitting a Disability Tax Credit application, as the research and required paperwork can be overwhelming.

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The NBA will work with you in recovering every dollar you’re eligible for through the Canadian government.

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