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Disability Benefits for Autism


Autism is a neural development disorder illustrated by impaired social interaction and communication processes that can become so severe, that the person is restricted to repetitive behavior.

Generally speaking, autism symptoms can surface very early – before a child reaches the age of three. The development disorder is linked to a person’s genetic framework, though it’s the result of a complex, biological phenomenon. That biological component has made the condition difficult to treat. Most autistic children live in a supervised setting even after reaching full adulthood, though some can make it on their own as adults.

Autism can be financially taxing to treat. As a response, the Canadian government offers various disability benefits for people with autism (as well as other physical or mental disabilities). These disability tax refunds are safeguards for differently-abled Canadians to maintain their standard of living, alleviating any financial and emotional stress.

How Can the NBA Help?

A large number of differently-abled Canadians don’t take advantage of the disability benefits available to them. One such Canadian disability benefit is the Disability Tax Credit, and because autism presents so early in children, the Child Disability Tax Credit is available for children. People don’t make use of available disability benefits partially due to the complexity of the DTC application process.

And that’s where we come in.

The National Benefit Authority was founded on one basic premise: to assist differently-abled Canadians in recovering the Canadian Disability Tax Credit from the Canadian government. Our commitment to our clients and knowledge of the DTC has made us Canada’s #1 service provider for all things DTC-related!

We alleviate the burden of determining your disability tax credit eligibility, assist with completing your T2201 form, and following up with the CRA. All you need to do is focus on yourself, your family, and the treatments your disabled tax credit can be put towards. Disability Tax Credit amounts will vary depending on both the severity and type of disability.

Let the NBA work on your behalf and get the Disability Tax Credit or Child Disability Tax Credit you or a loved one is entitled to!

The NBA possesses the experience, knowledge and resources to recover autism disability benefits, for you, your family or for children with autism.

Apply for the Disability Tax Credit now by giving us a call at 1-888-389-0080!

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