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Does Ataxia Qualify for Disability Benefits?


Ataxia is a neurological condition that eventually leads to the loss of coordination in muscle movement. Unsteadiness and clumsiness define the condition, though problems with vision, hearing, and speech, have been linked to the illness.

Ataxia can be an enigma. It’s considered both an inherited, and non-inherited condition, meaning the causes are numerous and difficult to pinpoint. Diagnosing ataxia is just as tricky, as ataxia symptoms present very similarly to many other medical problems.

When diagnosed, ataxia can be difficult for anybody to cope with – there’s no ataxia treatment or cure. Physical therapy is the most common approach, though medications can be prescribed to mitigate certain ataxia symptoms like muscle spasms.

The slow degeneration of a person’s ability to move with ataxia undoubtedly affects his or her quality of life. To offset ataxia treatment costs, and other financial and emotional burdens, the Canadian government provides disability benefits designed to empower differently-abled Canadians to lead a normal life.

How Can the NBA Help Me?

Specifically, the Canadian Disability Tax Credit offered by the CRA is one such disability benefit available to people diagnosed with ataxia. The problem is, many Canadians don’t claim any disability tax refunds, as the DTC application process in particular can be complex and tedious. Researching the required information and filling out T2201 forms correctly simply adds to the stress an ataxia diagnosis may put on you or a loved one.

The National Benefit Authority has got you covered. We’re the #1 service provider in Canada for all things related to the Disability Tax Credit, specializing in this niche of Canadian disability benefits. Our in-house team has assisted over 40,000 Canadians in applying for the Disability Tax Credit successfully, making it extremely simple and stress-free for them to collect their due benefits. From helping determine your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, to finally receiving your disabled tax credit, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Ataxia can lead to unsteadiness, but shouldn’t define other aspects of your life. Work with the NBA today to recover the Canadian disability benefits you’re entitled to!

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