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Alleviate Anxiety with Canadian Disability Benefits


Everyone has experienced anxiety in one way or another.

For most of us, anxiety means being apprehensive, or careful; sometimes it’s the catalyst that’s motivates us to take decisive action. But for others, anxiety can heighten to level where the perpetual presence of anxiety symptoms negatively affects the person’s quality of life.

This mental illness is known as anxiety disorder, in which a person can’t deal with certain stresses or issues and become obsessive about it. Anxiety can worsen if it isn’t treated correctly, and can lead to other problems including panic disorder, panic attacks, and even symptoms of depression.

How can the NBA Help me?

Anxiety is considered a disability by the Canadian government, and as such, may qualify those suffering from the illness for disability benefits. The types of benefits may vary with the severity of the condition, but their purpose is the same – to enable a person to live a life where their disability does not dampen their quality of life.

The National Benefit Authority has similar goals. As Canada’s top Disability Tax Credit service provider, we’ve helped thousands of differently-abled Canadians qualify for and claim disability benefits. Our specialists have guided over 40,000 Canadians and counting, recovering upwards of $50,000 per application!

Many Canadians, who are entitled to a disability tax refund from the government, don’t claim them because they are unaware of the available Canadian disability benefits, or because the DTC application is simply too time-consuming and complex. With the NBA, those concerns are covered – we oversee the entire process, from determining your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, through receiving your Disability Tax Credit. We follow up directly with the CRA but work on your behalf to provide you peace of mind.

Apply for your Canadian Disability Tax Credit through the NBA! You won’t need to stress out over the process alone – our specialists have you covered.

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