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Psychosis? Yes, You Are Entitled to Disability Benefits!


A serious mental disability, Psychosis can lead to an individual facing extremely unpleasant situations. Psychosis involves a state of being out of touch with reality where reality is replaced by severe delusions and hallucinations. People suffering from psychosis are said to be psychotic. Diagnosing and defining psychosis can be quite difficult, thus there are no hard and fast rules. Instead criteria for diagnosis vary from one case to the next as an experienced professional decides whether the person’s state is a mental disability or not. That said, at times some cases can be quite straightforward with clear physical damage to the brain (through perhaps a tumor or substance abuse). Sleep deprivation and manic depression are also seen as possible causes to this condition.

Like the causes of the condition which are numerous in number, the treatment for Psychosis also takes on many forms depending on the exact condition and case. That said, there is no denying that Psychosis is clearly a condition that is characterized by extreme agony and confusion for the sufferer as he or she finds living a normal life very difficult. Furthermore, the victim also finds it relatively impossible to maintain his or her social or work relationships as the severity of his or her condition worsens.

Reading all of the above you may think that all is gloomy if you are diagnosed with Psychosis. However, note that this doesn’t have to be the case if you so wish it. The Canadian government understands the pressures you and your family must be under and therefore it aims to make your life a tad easier by offering you disability benefits. Hence, having Psychosis can very well allow you to avail various disability benefits which would definitely reduce your emotional and financial burdens.

Thus, what you need to do is to understand that these benefits are your right and you need to do all you can to claim them. So how does one claim these benefits? Unfortunately the process is not as simple as you would have liked. You must first gain a full understanding of your condition, then an understanding of the various disability benefits, following which you must go over the numerous formalities associated with a disability benefit claim.

This is where the National Benefit Authority (NBA) can play a role in your life. We have a vast amount of experience helping people get disability benefits, and thus we hope to aid you too. We understand that you don’t have the time to do all the research involved in getting disability benefits, therefore we promise to offer you expert advice and counsel that is tailored to your condition and case. Thus you can sit back and relax as we walk you through any and all hurdles that may arise before you get the disability benefits that you deserve.

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