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Disability Benefits for Mental Retardation


As its name quite evidently suggests, mental retardation refers to the mental handicaps that inhibit a person’s ability to fully utilize his or her mental capacity. The term can also be used to characterize a handicap that simply reduces ones mental ability to perform various mental and physical tasks.

Mental retardation is mostly diagnosed in individuals below the age of 18 and can severely affect the victim’s ability to function properly in their immediate social environment. Common areas that are affected include basic mediums of communicating and understanding the outside world. Depending on the conditions severity, mental retardation may at times even limit a child’s ability to walk or talk with other children. Memory and problem solving skills are also severely affected, as is the ability to comprehend and speak languages.

What does all of this mean? Well, these symptoms imply that a person who suffers from this condition would need to be monitored quite frequently and would need to be treated as a special case requiring more attention than would otherwise be given to a child.

A variety of causes have been attributed to the various forms of mental retardation. The list of these causes includes things such as incidents during pregnancy, iodine deficiency, and a person’s genetic framework. That said, it is important to note that all of the causes mentioned in the last sentence deem this mental handicap to be classified a disability. And like other disabilities, mental retardation’s affects can be reduced by turning to disability benefits. Thankfully the Canadian government offers various disability benefits for mental retardation as legislators have made a note of the financial and emotional burdens that arise when assisting people suffering from this condition.

Alas the procedures pertaining to availing these benefits are quite strenuous and are not as easy they should be. Not only is it required that the suffer gain a thorough understanding of his or her condition, but the victim also needs to comprehensively go over the various formalities that are associated with making a successful claim.

Fortunately for you, the National Benefit Authority (NBA) has awoken to this problem. Our team has a vast amount of experience and an exceptional success rate, therefore we will be your ultimate guide in all matters pertaining to disability benefits. Note that since disability benefits come in various forms – such as Child Disability Benefits and Disability Tax Benefits – we will provide you key information that is pertinent to your particular condition.

Thus the only work you’ll need to do is to put your trust in us. So why wait then? Book your free consultation today so that we can make your life a whole lot easier and simpler.

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