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Archive for May, 2013


What Vaccinations Do Young Adults Need?

Young children and infants are often recommended to get certain vaccinations to prevent them from developing infectious diseases. Some schools will require children to receive vaccines, and may even ask kids who aren’t vaccinated to stay home in the event

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Diet and ADHD

Does diet affect ADHD? That’s the question this blog post tackles. Disability Living has been blogging this week about nutrition and how it affects individuals with disabilities, as well as older adults. What we have found is that diet has

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Healthy Eating Tips for Kids with Diabetes

This week Disability Living has been blogging about nutrition. Nutrition is an extremely important topic. After all, nutrition is necessary for health and even survival. Many children and adults are malnourished, not due to poverty, but to disability. Disabilities like

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Helping Kids with Cerebral Palsy Get the Nutrients They Need to Stay Healthy

Have you been following the Disability Living blog this week? If so, you know that DL has been blogging about nutrition. In our last blog post ( we offered some helpful tips to ensure kids with autism get the nutrition

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Helping Your Child with Down Syndrome Maintain a Healthy Diet

Does your child have Down Syndrome? If so, Disability Living understands that your child have may have trouble eating a sufficient amount of healthy food. Despite how much parents know about healthy eating, sometimes it can be very difficult for

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How to Make a Healthy Grocery List

This week Disability Living is blogging about the importance of healthy eating for older adults. Both women and men over age 50 have specific dietary needs. If those nutritional needs are met, certain diseases might be prevented from developing. A

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How Can Kids with Autism Get the Nutrition They Need?

Healthy eating is crucially important to a child’s development. This is true for children with and without autism. The trouble is, kids with autism sometimes have sensory issues that can interfere with eating healthy food. Parents know how hard it

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Nutrition Tips for Men Over 50

Are you a man who is over 50? If yes, this is the post for you. This week Disability Living is blogging about the dietary needs of older adults. While there are many similarities between the dietary needs of men

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Healthy Eating Tips for Women Over Age 50

This week Disability Living is blogging about the importance of healthy eating for older adults. Healthy eating for people over age 50 is important because as we age, our risk for developing illnesses and diseases often increases. Individuals can lessen

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Is It Ever Too Late To Start Eating Healthy?

Have you asked yourself if it is ever too late to start eating healthy? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many people wonder about whether or not eating a healthy diet later in life will benefit them. After all,

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