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Get Disability Support with the National Benefit Authority

Living with a disability is hard. It is equally hard to secure financial support for disability care. The National Benefit Authority realizes this and offers help to people with disabilities who are entitled to money from government. Some people are

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The National Benefit Authority Explains the Disability Tax Credit

The Disability Tax Credit is the most lucrative disability support program in Canada. It offers annual tax savings and substantial retroactive payments – up to $40,000. The Disability Tax Credit is different from other programs. In these 60+ blogs, the

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Health Assessment for the Disability Tax Credit

A personal health assessment is required at the beginning of the Disability Tax Credit Certificate. In addition to a medical practitioner’s report, this section has significant impact on determining eligibility for the Disability Tax Credit. Before starting the qualification process,

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Where Do You Go For Help? — The Disability Tax Credit

People with disabilities are strong, independent, and brave. They do not let significant restrictions get in the way of daily life. These individuals get creative when faced with inconveniences and reach out to others when problems require helping hands. This

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How to Reply to a Disability Tax Credit Approval Letter

Being approved for the Disability Tax Credit is a big deal. It brings about annual tax savings and enables a person to claim between $1,500 and $40,000 of retroactive payments. When a successful T2201 form is received, the CRA sends

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How to Optimize the Disability Tax Credit Certificate

Any person applying for the Disability Tax Credit needs to submit the T2201 form to the Canada Revenue Agency. Contrary to popular belief, this government office does not review applications with ridged checklists. Instead, there is a medical council that

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The Medical Practioner’s Role in Applying for the Disability Tax Credit

Submitting a successful application for the Disability Tax Credit relies on many factors. Three parties are actively involved in this process: applicants, professional Benefit Specialists (like the National Benefit Authority), and medical practitioners. These are important contributors to securing the

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Disabled Workers Receive Disability Tax Credit, not CPP

What is the relationship between the Disability Tax Credit and Canada’s Pension Plan (CPP)? Both are disability support programs but the similarities stop there. The Disability Tax Credit increases in value when an individual is able to work. This results

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Disabled and Able to Work – Claim the Disability Tax Credit

It should be no surprise that people with disabilities are able to earn incomes. Despite significant restrictions, many people uphold full-time jobs. To encourage this, Canada offers financial support to workers who struggle with severe and prolonged disabilities. Shockingly enough,

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