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Helping Your Child with Down Syndrome Maintain a Healthy Diet

May 09, 2013

Does your child have Down Syndrome? If so, Disability Living understands that your child have may have trouble eating a sufficient amount of healthy food. Despite how much parents know about healthy eating, sometimes it can be very difficult for them to get children with special needs to eat well. Thankfully there are things you as a parent can do to maximize your child’s diet and ensure proper nutrition.


Children with Down Syndrome often have digestive issues.

Kids with Down Syndrome often deal with digestive problems, which can lead to constipation. To combat constipation, a child with Down Syndrome should eat the following foods:

– Vegetables
– Fruits
– Other high-fiber foods (see a chart of high-fiber foods at

Maximize nutrition by avoiding processed foods.

If you are looking to increase your child’s health, do everything you can to avoid giving your child processed foods. Instead, opt for fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables, as well as organic whole grains. If organic is too expensive, buy non-organic whole foods. This is still a better option than cheaper, processed foods. You may want to experiment with feeding your child less dairy (ask your child’s physician about this).

Ensure your child gets the nutrition he or she needs.

If you are concerned that your child with Down Syndrome is not getting the nutrients he or she needs for good health, you can always give him or her nutritional supplements. However, it is better to try to find healthy foods that your child will eat, rather than give him or her supplements. Talk to your child’s physician about what supplements would be best.

Parents, Disability Living wants to hear from you.

Does your child have Down Syndrome? If so, Disability Living wants to hear from you. Leave a comment on this blog post and let us know your tips for ensuring your child with Down Syndrome gets the food and nutrition he or she needs for good health. Thank you for your feedback.

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