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Unwarranted Disability and Consequential Exposure

No one deserves to live with disability. It is not something people ask for. Still, it is highly likely that you have a disability, know someone with a disability, or will acquire a disability in your lifetime (due to old

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Disabled Canadian Veterans and 40k Property Threshold

Poverty is a persistent problem for Canadians with disabilities. The National Benefit Authority exists to serve this community and help people find financial relief. The disability tax credit is for people who have severe and prolonged disabilities. It qualifies them

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Disabled Veterans and SISIP Settlement

“A class-action lawsuit was filed in March 2007 on behalf of Dennis Manuge and 4,500 other disabled veterans whose long-term disability benefits are reduced by the amount of the monthly Veterans Affairs disability pension they receive. “ Many disabled veterans of

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Government Funding For Disabled Veterans

Are you a Canadian veteran?  The National Benefit Authority (NBA) thanks you for serving our great nation. Your bravery in accepting risk and living with unique circumstances ensures all Canadians can live good lives. Unfortunately, the quality of life that

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Mental Health Services and Employee Turnover

Working in the mental health field is not easy. People who are educated and trained to do this work combine talent with compassion, but these traits only go so far. Without proper funding, stresses placed on mental health workers increase.

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Are Mental Health Service Providers Understaffed and Underfunded?

Stabilization is possible for a person who has mental illness. Unfortunately, mental health services rarely seem to offer consistent support; they seem chronically understaffed and underfunded. There are some major issues surrounding funding for mental health facilities and practices. As

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The Role Federal Government Plays in Mental Health Services

In 2007, a nationwide initiative formed to serve Canadians who have mental illness. The Mental Health Commission of Canada gives due attention to people with disabilities. In addition, the combined efforts of federal, provincial, and territorial governments advance social wellbeing

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Helping Individuals with Mental Illnesses Earn Income

Government benefits are available to people with mental illness. Tax credits and community programs are intended to supplement income but is not enough money to live on. Unfortunately, another frustration for people with mental illness is unemployment. More often than

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Housing for Individuals with Mental Illness

Great strides have been made in efforts to mainstream people with mental health troubles. An example of this is the housing options that are now available. No longer do people with mental illness need to rely solely on institutional housing.

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Are Mental Health Services Underfunded?

Many debates exist around the topic of mental illness. One conversation that involves the brightest minds in medical research, healthcare, and related associations is how to fund Canadian mental health services. Regardless, solving the problem of underfunding is a challenge.

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