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What To Do When You’ve Just Been Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

Have you recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? If so, we understand that you are probably feeling extremely overwhelmed. More than likely you are feeling a whole host of emotions, including anger, fear, sadness, etc. Disability Living is a blog

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Hand in Hand

Caring for Someone Who Has Multiple Sclerosis: Part 1

Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease that can be debilitating. MS is a serious illness, and many who have multiple sclerosis require the services of a caretaker. Understandably, family members of people with MS often desire to assume the role

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Health Canada Approves New Oral Medication for Multiple Sclerosis

Did you know that Health Canada has approved a new oral medication for multiple sclerosis? It’s true. This week Disability Living is blogging about the new treatments that are available to individuals with MS, as well as discussing multiple sclerosis-related

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Summer Camp for Youths with Multiple Sclerosis

Does your child have multiple sclerosis? If yes, we understand that it is probably not easy for your child to go about daily life. Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that has intense side effects. MS is hard enough on

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Talking to Your Kids About Deformities

This week Disability Living has been blogging about disfiguring birth defects. We have discussed how severe birth defects impact people on many different levels: physical, mental, emotional, social, etc. There is not a high level of awareness of birth defects

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Anxious Child

How To Easily Raise Awareness of Birth Defects

Did you know that you can easily raise awareness of birth defects? It’s true. Because 1 out of every 33 babies is born with a birth defect, awareness of these conditions is crucial and can lead to increased social acceptance

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Woman with Birth Defects Raises Awareness of True Beauty

Society at large does not place a lot of value on people who have disfiguring birth defects. The media has presented an image of beauty that has set a standard in the minds of individuals worldwide. Those who do not

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Goldenhar syndrome

What Is the Cause of Goldenhar Syndrome?

Have you read Disability Living’s blog post on Goldenhar syndrome? It explains a disfiguring birth defect that severely affects a person physically, emotionally and socially. This week Disability Living is blogging about disfiguring birth defects and their resulting symptoms. Do

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What Is Goldenhar Syndrome?

Disability Living is a blog committed to hosting conversations that are beneficial to the entire disability community of Canada. Individuals with birth defects often have resulting disabilities. Such individuals comprise a significant portion of Canada’s disability community. If you or

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Craniofacial Microsomia — Diagnosis and Treatment

This week Disability Living is blogging about disfiguring birth defects; a common birth defect is craniofacial microsomia. In fact, craniofacial microsomia is the second most common birth defect. If you are unfamiliar with this disfiguring disability, visit to learn

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