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Poor Concentration: A Mild Form of Memory Loss?

Did you know that some individuals believe poor concentration is a mild form of memory loss?

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Brain Exercises for a Healthy Memory

Brain Exercises to Increase Memory Health Did you know that there are different exercises you can engage in to increase the health of your brain and the quality of your memory? It’s true. Since a healthy memory is such a

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What is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

What Is Mild Cognitive Impairment? Have you ever heard of mild cognitive impairment? Mild cognitive impairment is a form of memory loss that is serious, but not as severe as Alzheimer’s/dementia-induced memory loss. Still, mild cognitive impairment can seriously impede

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What Is Amnesia?

What You Need to Know About Amnesia Amnesia is a rare medical condition that most people are aware of but few actually understand. This week, The National Benefit Authority is blogging about a very important topic — memory loss. Memory

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Disability Tax Credit - Tax Tip Video Thumbnail

Disability Tax Credit Tax Tip Videos – Part 1 | The NBA

We launched our first short video series to tackle some common tax-related questions people have about the Disability Tax Credit. It’s important to note that these answers are generalized to cover common questions. But specific questions regarding your individual tax

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